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cps chalkboard tutorial l.
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CPS Chalkboard Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
CPS Chalkboard Tutorial

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CPS Chalkboard Tutorial

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  1. Grayling Middle School presents: CPS ChalkboardTutorial Created by Tinelle Zigila

  2. Tutorial Overview Features Getting Connected Gallery Getting Started Resources

  3. Features Chalkboard Pen upper toggle bottom toggle tip • Pen features • right click • left click • double click • scroll • laser Overview Lesson Ideas Resources

  4. Lesson Ideas Math Science Language Arts Social Studies Art P.E. Music Overview Resources

  5. Resources • Bower, Bert. (2002). History Alive! The United States. Palo Alto: Teachers’ Curriculum Institute. page 84. • http://www.geocodezip.com/v2_activeVolcanos.asp • Science Consultant – Chris Kucharek • Social Studies Consultant – Craig Hofman • Other resources to use with the CPS Chalkboard: • Online Lessons - http://iwl.einstruction.com/resources/lessons2.php?id= • Interwrite Workspace Tutorials - http://www.interwritelearning.com/support/wstutorials.html Overview