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  1. COMPOSITE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM “Data Quality Tools You Can Use” (Part 1) Charlene Colon, Clinical Data Analyst Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC February 2008

  2. Agenda • Part 1 – CHCS • CHCS Data Quality “Check Points” • CHCS “Secrets Revealed” • CHCS Data Quality “Radar” Screener • Part 2 – Ambulatory Data Module (ADM) • Encounter Data “Tune Up” Course Notes: • Hyperlinks can only be accessed from Slideshow Mode • Imbedded Icons can only be accessed from Normal View • See Notes View for Additional Details and Business Rules • The data is real, only the names have been changes to ensure compliance with HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI) • Re-use of any charts, graphics or animations – Encouraged!

  3. Course Objectives • Understand DQ Building Blocks in CHCS • Highlight capabilities that support DQ • Identify processes and that impact DQ • Provide DQ Tools You Can Use • Where to locate Information Resources…

  4. Why the Focus? • Standardize data collection methods • Compare workload and productivity • Measure efficiency per Provider FTE • Forecast demand for services • Establish performance benchmarks • Identify trends and utilization • Calculate costs of services • Assess and improve quality of services: • Standard of Care • Population Health • Clinical Practice Guidelines

  5. Data Capabilities

  6. Since 1992… • CHCS has been the primary operational clinical system supporting DoD and US Coast Guard facilities world-wide: • 100+ Individual Platforms world-wide supporting over 500 MTFs • Interfaces with more than 40 Clinical & Administrative systems: • AHLTA – Department of Defense Electronic Medical Record • Beneficiary Eligibility - Defense Eligibility & Enrollment System (DEERS) • Resources - Expense Assignment System (EAS) • Billing - Third Party Outpatient Collections System (TPOCS) • Pharmacy - Pharmacy Data Transaction System (PDTS) • Standard tables for data consistency: • ICD-9-CM (Inpatient/Outpatient Diagnosis and Inpatient Procedures) • CPT/HCPCS (Outpatient Procedures and Services/Supplies) • HIPAA Provider Taxonomy • NATO STANAG (2050), Federal and DoD standard tables • Site defined tables for MTF operations • Hospital/Clinic Locations • Providers/Provider Class • Clinic Schedules

  7. It’s Not Easy Being Green!

  8. It Takes a Team! • Workload and Coding Compliance Review/Audit • ADM/AHLTA/CCE Interface Error Management • Data Needed for Operational Assessments and DQMC Review • Training, User Feedback and Staff Assist Visits

  9. Integrated Capabilities Graphic Interface CHCS Registration DEERS Eligibility Patient Merge Wellness Immunizations INTERFACE TOOLS Questionnaires Appt Scheduling/ Visits Encounter Notes Radiology Appt List Display Pharmacy Scanned Images T-CONS/Consults Laboratory Encounter Coding Ambulatory Data Module AHLTA Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Clinical Data Mart (CDM) Order Entry Results Review Order Entry Results Review Inpatient AHLTA captures patient data and clinical documentation from MTFs world-wide into a single, global patient database SIDR/SADR (CAPER), WWR, MEPRS/EAS & TPOCS CCE - Coding Compliance Editor

  10. DQ Building Blocks DMIS Group Parent (DMIS ID) Treatment MTF Division (DMIS ID) Treatment MTF Division (DMIS ID) Treatment MTF Division (DMIS ID) Department/Service/Product Line Department/Service/Product Line Department/Service/Product Line 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations • Military Treatment Facility Workload is captured and reported by: • Group Parent Defense Medical Information System (DMIS ID) • Treatment MTF DMIS ID • 4th Level MEPRS Code - Functional Cost Code (FCC) • Department/Service (Product Line) and Hospital Location • Hospital Locations “Places of Care” support MTF activities/services such as: • Managed Care (Primary Care Manager) Teams • Wards, Clinics, Ambulatory Procedure Units, Ancillary Services, File Rooms, External Locations, etc.

  11. Hospital Location • Used by AHLTA to map Assigned Clinic Locations with Appointment List Displays • Multiple Hospital Locations may be linked to the same 4th level FCC


  13. Clinic Profile • Establishes Workload Type for the Clinic: • Count • Non-Count • Non-Count Locations cannot have Count Visits: • Immunization Clinic • Nurse T-CON Clinic • Establishes Appointment Types for the Clinic: • Count (ACUT/ACUT$, WELL/WELL$, ROUT/ROUT$, T-CON*, etc.) • Non-Count (RN T-CON Clinic Location) • AHLTA supports the Workload Flag set by CHCS by: • Clinic Type • Appointment Types within the Provider Profile (PPRO^)

  14. Linking It All Together DMIS Group Parent (DMIS ID) CHCS MTF Division (DMIS ID) CHCS MTF Division (DMIS ID) 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC 4th Level FCC Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Hospital Locations Clinic Profile Clinic Profile Clinic Profile (^CPRO) Clinic Profile Clinic Profile Appt Type Provider Profile Provider Profile Provider Profile (^PPRO)

  15. Provider File • Key Elements: • Provider ID (Short Name) • Can be changed upon Provider Name change • Typically 5 characters of Last Name plus 1-2 Characters of First Name • National Provider ID • Enterprise Provider ID • Provider Class • Locally defined Provider Type • Provider Signature Class • Establishes Provider Privileges for Ancillary Order Entry • AHLTA uses the Signature Class = NURSE to support RN T-CONS • Medical Specialty->HIPAA Taxonomy->CMAC Class • Default Ancillary Order Requesting Location • Associated Clinic Locations (Where they see patients) • Active AHLTA Account (Yes/No) See Notes View for Provider File Business Rules

  16. Provider File Elements CHCS Menu Path --------- DAA Data Administration Menu CFT Common Files and Tables Management Menu CFM Common Files and Tables Maintenance Menu ->> PRO Provider File Enter/Edit PROVIDER: QUIRT,RICHARD DA PROVIDER EDIT Name: QUIRT,RICHARD Provider Flag: PROVIDER Provider ID: QUIRTR Provider Class: PHYSICIAN SSN: 123-45-9999 Select PROVIDER SPECIALTY: FAMILY PRACTICE PHYSICIAN (001) FAMILY PRACTICE/PRIMARY CARE (923) Primary Provider Taxonomy: 207Q00000X CMAC Provider Class: 01 - MEDICAL DOCTOR/DOCTOR OSTEOPATHY Select PROVIDER TAXONOMY: 207Q00000X Location: DQ FAMILY PRACTICE HCP SIDR-ID: 001289 Branch of Service: MARINE CORPS Rank: CAPTAIN Active CHCS II Account: YES Select ASSOCIATED CLINIC: DQ FAMILY PRACTICE MEDICAL EXAMINATION CLINIC • Provider Class determines Ancillary Order Entry • Privileges (based on mapping to Signature Class) • AHLTA uses the Signature Class = NURSE to support RN T-CONS are assigned an E&M Code of 99499 “Placeholder” • All Direct Care Providers MUST have a Direct Care Medical Specialty <=905 • FY 07 data requires a valid Medical Specialty to be Relative Value Units to be “credited”

  17. <=905 and >910 - Explained CHCS Fileman View: (FM->IFE->PROVIDER) Below is how CHCS “sees” the Provider Specialty entries and uses them in the SADR. CHCS will populate the SADR with the 1st entered Specialty, rather than the one that represents Direct Care (Specialties <905). When entering Provider Specialties enter the lower number 1st. (The one <=905). Then the correct Specialty will be in the SADR and sent to M2. Then enter the Specialty >910 to support Health Care Finder/Managed Care. NAME: MORTNNNNNN,MNNN E CLASS: NURSE PRACTITIONER PROVIDER ID: MORTMARE LOCATION: CLARK TEAM CLINIC ID: CLARK TEAM DEPARTMENT ID CODE: FAMILY PRACTICE DEPT PROVIDER SPECIALTY(S): 923 PROVIDER SPECIALTY(S): 604 HIPAA TAXONOMY: 363LP2300X NAME: PLATNNN,KYNNNN E LOCATION: OBSTETRICS-WAMC CLINIC ID: OBSTETRICS-WAMC DEPARTMENT ID CODE: OB/GYN DEPT PROVIDER SPECIALTY(S): 964 PROVIDER SPECIALTY(S): 927 PROVIDER SPECIALTY(S): 154 HIPAA TAXONOMY: 207V00000X • This resulted in the Provider NOT being credited with RVU until updated in CHCS • Enter the lowest Provider Specialty FIRST! • Establish an MTF process to identify and correct in CHCS: • Use the M2 DQ report • Update Provider Profile in CHCS • Edit/Update ADM Encounter and HIPAA Provider Taxonomy

  18. Provider File “Team” • IMD/Data Admin: • Creates CHCS User Account • Credentials: • Creates Provider File Entry in CHCS • Enters Provider Medical Specialty/HIPAA Taxonomy • Enters Provider Class/Signature Class • Clinical/Operations: • Enters/Updates RN & Tech Provider Records • MCP Network Manager: • Sets PCM Flag • Manages PCM Capacity • Clinic Managers/Appointment Supervisors: • Clinic Profile Entry/Updates (^CPRO) • Provider Profile Entry/Updates (^PPRO) • Assigned Clinic Locations needed for AHLTA • IMD (System Admin, Security and Training) • Security Clearance • Network Access • CHCS/AHLTA Account Transfer and Training • MEPRS/UCAPERS • Provider Type->Skill Type • Name Match with CHCS (Based on DEERS/CCQAS Provider Name) • Pay Grade • Location Assigned • Locally Developed Form(s) designed and utilized to standardize processes

  19. “Secrets Revealed”

  20. Best Kept Secret! - OLUM • CHCS On-Line Users Manual (OLUM) • Electronic documentation and index of CHCS Functions and Reports • Accessible by ALL CHCS Users: • Type OLUM (from any Menu display in CHCS) • Select IND to access the OLUM Index • Select CHCS Sub-System (Scroll Down for Data Admin and Ad-Hoc Users Guides) • Browse or Find topic of interest such as “Monthly” or “Hospital Location” • Link to OLUM.wmv

  21. Patient Registration • Patient MUST be registered in the CHCS Host Platform to be able to be used in AHLTA • Performs checks to help prevent creation of duplicate patients • Double entry to confirm Sponsor SSN • Requires the Fileman “&” (Ampersand) key to enter new patients • Performs DEERS query to obtain Enterprise Person ID, Eligibility Status and “Lock Down” key person identifiers • Enterprise Person ID is key to correlating patient data in AHLTA • Allows Pseudo-Individual SSNs (800-YY-MDDD) • Assign responsibility or focus on updating Pseudo SSNs • Allows users with Full or Mini-Registration access to update: • Address and Contact Information • Outpatient Medical Records Location • Patient Category – to identify beneficiary relationship to the MHS • Station/Unit ID – MTFs can create locality specific Unit ID Table Tools you can use: (See Patient Registration)

  22. Mini-Registration • Key person identifier elements “synched” with DEERS are “Locked Down” • MTF Staff responsible for Patient Category updates • Updates to Demographics and Contact Information must be made in CHCS • CHCS entered Demographics and Contact Informatin updates will update AHLTA • Consider using Home Phone as Preferred Method of Contact • Link to DEERS Mini-Reg.wmv

  23. DEERS Address Updates • Do not use % * ~ ? [ ] { } in the address field • Enter complete Phone Number including Area Code • Rules for CHCS/DEERS Address Updates: • CHCS requests eligibility data from DEERS, for NEW Registrations. • Address information obtained from DEERS is downloaded into CHCS. • A date/time stamp is associated with the address update. • If the patient is found in DEERS, the DEERS Patient Identifier is downloaded to the CHCS patient file. • When the address is updated on CHCS, a message is generated for the patient and sent to DEERS, ONLY IF there is a DEERS Patient Identifier in CHCS - without this ID DEERS can't make a match and update contact data. • When DEERS receives update message, it compares the address update date/time to whatever date/time is on file in DEERS. If the message from CHCS isn't "fresher" than the data on file, it is dropped. • After the initial registration, CHCS does not update address data from DEERS unless the user specifically uses the "Demographics" action on the DEERS Eligibility Request option, and chooses to update the data. Source: SAIC Fieldservices Informational of November 2004 and New DEERS Release Notes

  24. Duplicate Patients • CITPO/AHLTA Advisory (July 2007) identified duplicate patients in CHCS as a key concern, requiring a Risk Mitigation Strategy • MHS policy is being developed to delineate accountability through actionable data-quality metrics • Merge processing in CHCS is critical to support the AHLTA Clinical Data Repository (CDR) • Frequent causes for Duplicate Patients in CHCS: • Newborns • Typographical and/or Transcription Errors (Can’t read handwritten registration form) • Name & Sponsor Changes • Pseudo-SSNs (John Doe Registrations) • Mail-In Labs (Creates Pseudo Patient Name) • Lack of Dual Eligibility Patient Indicator in DEERS/CHCS • CHCS Potential Duplicate Patient Search identifies potential duplicates for DQMC Review List Item C.2. • CHCS User Registration Report identifies users requiring additional training to support DQMC Review List C.2. Items a) to d) • Dedicated MTF POC needed to investigate duplicates and perform patient merges on CHCS • MHS Trouble Ticket then required to process duplicate patients in AHLTA • Patient Registration SOP (See Back-Up Materials)

  25. Risk and Prevention • Potential Risk to Patient Safety! • CHCS cannot perform Drug-Allergy checks across duplicate records • PDTS may miss critical Drug-Drug checks • Important clinical history may not visible in CHCS, DoD/VA SHARE and AHLTA • Implications for Orders entered in AHLTA – Appears to the Provider as “Orders NOT Writing Back to CHCS” • Train Patient Look-Up Processes: • CAC Card Look-Up (Bar Code Scanner) • Verify against Military ID Card/CAC Card • First Initial of Last Name + Last 4 Sponsor SSN –> C1234 • Partial Name –> COLON,C • Last Name+Last 4 (Excellent for Validating Unit Rosters) • Full SSN –> 123-44-1234 • Hyphenated Last Names (No Hyphen)

  26. Enrollment Processing • Interface between CHCS/DEERS supports Enrollment processing • Data errors impact successful updates: • New Enrollments • Enrollment Transfers • See TRICARE Ops Center for the number of Enrollment Errors that may be impacting patients at your MTF •

  27. NED Error Reporting

  28. Other Health Insurance • DEERS interfaces with CHCS to provide Other Health Insurance (OHI): • Used to bill for both Inpatient and Outpatient services • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary benefit coverage • New and Updated Demographics and OHI sent to TPOCS daily • OHI cannot be entered for Active Duty and Civilian Patient Categories • Daily transfer of the DD2569 to the UBO! • Entry/Validation of OHI in CHCS within 3 calendar days required to prevent manual back-billing or erroneous Third Party Billing

  29. Synchronizing Processes MANUAL RE-WORK Manually Bill for Prior Covered Services If OHI is for DD7A Billable Beneficiary, Exclude DD7A Charges in MSA Enter Coding into CHCS ADM/AHLTA Annual Update of DD2569 File/Track Annual DD2569 Update Coding Audit Review Verify Insurance Coverage If new OHI - Check for Prior Billable Services Enter/Update OHI in CHCS->DEERS Send DD2569 to UBO DD 2569 Other Health Insurance Encounters Completed AFTER 3 Business Days Will Still Be Sent to Billing - If OHI is on File

  30. Visit Criteria ??? • MEPRS Workload Reporting guidelines establish the definition for: • "Count" Visits • “Non-Count" Visits • A “COUNT” VISIT requires 3 Key Elements to = Workload: 1. Interaction between patient and healthcare provider 2. Independent judgment/assessment of patients condition, to accomplish one or more of the following: • Examination • Diagnosis • Counseling • Treatment 3. Documentation Focus Shifting from Counting “Visits” to Measuring Work/Services Provided

  31. MTF Workload Comparison Source: MEWACS

  32. MTF Workload Comparison Source: MEWACS

  33. Workload Assignment • Workload Capture Elements: • DMIS ID Group Parent • Treating MTF DMIS ID • 4th Level MEPRS Code (FCC): • Inpatient – “A” Level FCCs (Admissions/Dispostions and Occupied Bed Days) • Outpatient – “B” Level FCCs and FBN* (Dental – “C” Level FCCs) • Ancillary – “D” Level FCCs • Special Programs – “F” Level FCCs (FBN* Hearing Conservation) • Clinic Type (Only COUNT Visits are reported as Workload): • World-Wide Workload Report • WAM/EAS ->MEWACS • Patient Category (Rolls up to Beneficiary Category) • Patient Status (Inpatient/Outpatient) • Appt Status (KEPT, S-CALL, WALK-IN or T-CON) • Occ-Svc, Admin, Cancels and No-Shows not reported as Workload • Requesting/Performing Location (Ancillary Services)

  34. Monthly Clinic Statistics • CHCS Monthly Clinic Statistical Report (MSR) provides Visit Accountability: • Hospital Location • 4th Level FCC • Provider • Patient Category • Inpatient/Outpatient Visits • Count/Non-Count Visits • Appointment Type • Division Summary • Excellent tool for Visit Workload and Provider FTE Reporting Reconciliation

  35. FTE Reconciliation

  36. MSR Outpatient Visits WOMACK ARMY MEDICAL CENTER 05 Feb 2008@1348 Page 684 MONTHLY STATISTICAL REPORT by GROUP From: Jan 2008 To: Jan 2008 ================================================================================ MEPRS/DMIS | COUNT WORKLOAD | NON-COUNT WORKLOAD Code Description | # In # Out Total | # In # Out Total ================================================================================ ***DIVISION SUMMARY*** Division: CLARK HEALTH CLINIC ----------------------------- BAAI/7294 INTERNAL MED - CLARK 0 124 124 0 6 6 BDAI/7294 PEDIATRICS - CLARK 0 592 592 2 5 7 BEDI/7294 CHIROPRACTIC - CLARK 0 343 343 0 0 0 BFBI/7294 PSYCHOLOGY - CLARK 0 52 52 0 0 0 BGAI/7294 CLARK HEALTH CLINIC 8 10577 10585 1 670 671 BHCI/7294 OPTOMETRY - CLARK 1 275 276 0 148 148 BHDI/7294 AUDIOLOGY - CLARK 0 12 12 0 0 0 BJAI/7294 FLIGHT MEDICINE - CLAR 0 43 43 0 63 63 FBNI/7294 CLARK - HEARING CONSER 0 456 456 0 0 0 Division Total: 9 12474 12483 3 892 895 • Includes both COUNT and NON-COUNT Visits • COUNT Visits reported in the WWR and WAM • BOTH COUNT and NON-COUNT included in the SADR

  37. Worldwide Workload CLARK HEALTH CLINIC WORLDWIDE WORKLOAD REPORT - SECTION I.A.2 06 Feb 2008 0704 Page 70 DMIS ID: 7294 (Roll-up Report) Reporting Period: Jan 2008 Calculated: 05 Feb 2008 1719 TOTAL WORKLOAD BY PATIENT CATEGORY WITHIN 4TH LEVEL MEPRS Item 00 = Basic TYPE OF REPORT (CHECK BOX): ()Initial (X)Monthly ()Final ()Corrected Item 01 = Live Birth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Item MEPRS/DMIS Clinic Service Admissions Bed Sick Inpatient Outpatient Ambulatory** PATCAT Days Days Visits Visits Proc Visits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BGAI/7294 CLARK HEALTH CLINIC - - - [8] [10540] - A00 USA DECEASED SPONSOR - - - - 1 - A11 USA ACTIVE DUTY - - - 3 4167 - A12 USA AD RES - - - - 50 - A15 USA NATIONAL GUARD - - - - 8 - A22 USA RES INACT DUTY TRG - - - - 2 - A25 USA FAM MBR FAD-TRANS ASSIST A - - - - 1 - A31 USA RET LOS - - - 1 558 - A32 USA RET PDRL - - - - 14 - A41 USA FAM MBR AD - - - 3 4477 - A43 USA FAM MBR RET - - - - 712 - A45 USA FAM MBR DECEASED AD - - - 1 31 - A47 USA FAM MBR DECEASED RETIRED - - - - 202 - A48 USA UNREMARRIED FRM SPOUSE - - - - 37 - R72 NATO RECIP AGREE - - - - 1 - R73 NATO RECIP AGREE - FAM MBR - - - - 2 - *Fourth level MEPRS Codes are not standardized above the MTF level. Comparisons of fourth level data between MTFs are not valid. **Ambulatory Procedure Visits are INCLUDED in the Outpatient Visits Columns by B Level MEPRS Code, as of CHCS Version 4.5. Ambulatory Procedure Visits are included in item code 14 in the Worldwide Workload Report ASCII file, as of CHCS Version 4.6. Only includes Count Visits

  38. WAM Outpatient Visits UIC: W2L6AA CLARK HEALTH CLINIC 06 Feb 2008 0703 DMIS ID: 7294 Page: 23 DATA SET WORKLOAD REPORT Month: Jan Year: 2008 (Last Data Gen 02/05/08@1701) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DATA Perform Request DMIS CPT CODE | *CAT | *CAT | *CAT | *CAT | *CAT | *CAT | Raw Amt Wgt Amt Raw Amt Wgt Amt SET FCC/DMIS FCC ID Lab & Rad | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 9 | Sys-Gen Sys-Gen Edit Edit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OUT OUTPATIENT VISITS BAAI/7294 3 55 28 38 0 0 124 0.00 0 0.00 BDAI/7294 0 590 0 2 0 0 592 0.00 0 0.00 BEDI/7294 343 0 0 0 0 0 343 0.00 0 0.00 BFBI/7294 4 48 0 0 0 0 52 0.00 0 0.00 BGAI/7294 4237 4507 674 1069 53 0 10540 0.00 0 0.00 BHCI/7294 265 10 0 0 0 0 275 0.00 0 0.00 BHDI/7294 9 2 0 1 0 0 12 0.00 0 0.00 BJAI/7294 43 0 0 0 0 0 43 0.00 0 0.00 FBNI/7294 453 1 1 1 0 0 456 0.00 0 0.00 ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Totals: 5357 5213 703 1111 53 0 12437 0.00 0 0.00 *CAT is Beneficiary Category: 1=ACTIVE DUTY, 2=FAM MBR OF ACTIVE DUTY, 3=RETIRED, 4=FAM MBR OF RETIRED, 5=OTHER, 9=NOT REPORTED. • Includes only COUNT Visits • Patient Category is use to Roll Up to Beneficiary Category • Sent to EAS using the WAM Interface

  39. Reconciling Clinic Visits • End of Day-> “Every Clinic – Every Day”: • Evening Clinics and ER -> Next morning • Process Cancels and No-Shows – As they occur: • Cancel by Patient (^CBP) option allows appointment to be re-used • Duplicate Same Day/Same Clinic Visits: • Patient seen in AM returns in the PM is a single visit • Patient seen by Nurse/Tech and the Provider (Same day/Same Clinic) is also a single visit • Join Option in CHCS requires Appointments to be adjoining • CHCS Tools You Can Use: • CHCS PAS End of Day Report • CHCS Ad-Hoc

  40. Same Day/Same Clinic Visits • CHCS Ad-Hoc report to identify Same Day/Same Clinic Appointments • Generates an ASCII File for import into Excel • See your CHCS Administrator, to import the Ad-Hoc query and create CHCS Menu Option • CHCS System Administrator Instructions: • Convert to Text File before Import • Set any CHCS Internal Entry Numbers (IENs) for Hospital Locations to be excluded Thank you to our WAMC DBA John Rehder for his DQ support

  41. Time to Break…

  42. Inpatient Visits WALK-IN SEARCH CRITERIA Patient: HEALTHE,YOU FMP/SSN: 30/800-11-2255 Clinic: QQQCHCSIITESTBRAGG CLINIC/WAMC ATC Category: Clinic Phone: Appt Type: ACUTE APPT Provider: QQQCHCSIITEST,BRAGGDOCA Duration: Detail Codes: Srv Type: Time Range: 0950 to 0950 Days of Week: Dates: 14 Feb 2005 to 14 Feb 2005 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is an inpatient. Are you from the attending service? No// • Both CHCS and AHLTA will prompt: • (CHCS) Are you from the attending service? No// • (AHLTA) Related to Inpatient Stay?: • Allied Health Providers-> Accept CHCS default of “NO” • Consulting Providers-> Accept CHCS default of “NO” • Only the Attending Clinical Staff of the Same Clinical Service should answer “YES”: • Then the Visit will be a Non-Count • Visit will have an “A” Level FCC based on the inpatient Clinical Service

  43. AHLTA Inpatient Visits • AHLTA entered Walk-Ins for a Consulting Provider • AHLTA will sometimes indicate the patient is an inpatient, even though the patient is not currently admitted, if AHLTA does not receive the CHCS Disposition Update. MHS Trouble Ticket recommended to remove Inpt Flag • Click NO to ensure that encounter is assigned to a “B” Level FCC of the Consulting Provider Leave Blank Click NO

  44. Lost Workload !!

  45. Inpatient Administration • CHCS is the source system for Inpatient Admissions, Transfers and Dispositions: • Assigns OBDs at the Census Hour, to the current Clinical Service • Current Clinical Service used as the Requesting Location for Inpatient Ancillary Services • Current Attending Provider and Clinical Service used to create Inpatient Professional Services Record (IPSR RNDS*) encounters • Correction Management allows corrections to: • Clinical Service, OBDs and Disposition Date/Time • Patient Category used for Workload and Billing • Recalculates OBDs for SIDR, WWR and Inpatient MSA billed charges • Inpatient Coding: • ICD-9 Codes used to capture Diagnosis and Inpatient Procedures • NATO STANAG (2050) for Cause of Injury Coding • Diagnosis Related Grouping (DRG Encoder/Grouper->Inpatient CCE)

  46. Corrections Management Patient: BXXXX,XXXXXX VIEW ADT FMP/SSN: 20/XXX-XX-XX22 DOB: XXFebXX PATCAT: A31 Sex: M ========================================================================== TYPE DATE TIME RMEPRS MEPRS WARD RM-BD DAYS ADM 14Aug07 2030 AAAA AAHA ICU2W 3 Reg# 1306883 (T) ERA WRD 17Aug07 1316 AAAA 4SMED 3 Interward transfer DSP 20Aug07 1340 Disp type: HOME Bed days=6 Sick days=6 • Corrections Management ONLY supports Inpatient data: • Patient correctly admitted to AAAA with the system transfer to an ICU (AAHA) Bed • AAAA is the Referring MEPRS (R-MEPRS) for OBDS • SIDR and WWR will contain OBDs for “A” Level ICU FCCs, however WAM/EAS will include these OBDs within the R-MEPRS • Corrections Management does NOT support correcting Inpatient Ancillary Order Requesting Locations, Ancillary or Ambulatory data • Check for Dispositions with an “A” Level ICU FCC and coordinate with PAD for ICU Dispositions (Happens most often with NICU Dispositions)

  47. SIDR Data • The Standard Inpatient Data Record (SIDR) is an ASCII file transmission of patient level Inpatient data, generated monthly by CHCS: • Army MTFs also create in interim monthly SIDR – “D” Records Only • Key SIDR data elements include: • Treatment MTF DMIS ID • Admission/Disposition Dates • Source of Admission/Type of Disposition • ICD-9-CM Diagnosis & Procedure Codes • Assigned DRG and Weight • Patient Demographics (including Patient Category and Enrollment) • Age at Admission • Occupied Bed Days per Clinical Specialty (4th Level FCC) • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Days • MEPRS Code of the Referring Clinical Specialty for ICU Care See Notes view for SIDR Record Status Flags

  48. DQ - Where to Start ?? • Training – Attend CHCS Training offered at your MTF - If none are offered, explore options: • MedLearn • NMC Portsmouth for CHCS Nuggets and AHLTA SOPs • PASBA Coding VTC (Click on Coding->Coding VTC) • Coordinate with Provider/Nursing Champion and IMD to establish a CHCS/AHLTA Users Forum • Understand your MTF Business Processes: • Provider In/Out-Processing • CHCS/AHLTA Support and Training Team • Coding Support and Provider Feedback • Business Plan Targets • Special Programs – New Initiatives • MTF unique systems and Ad-Hoc reports • MTF staff responsible for key DQ processes

  49. DQ Process Area Review Cost/Performance & Billing (CHCS/ADM/EAS/M2) Clinical (CHCS/ADM & AHLTA) • Ancillary File Maintenance • Common File Synchronization Across Systems (Personnel and Clinical) • Synchronization of Workload Reporting (SIDR/SADR, WWR, WAM/EAS) • Accurate data to study Access to Care, Quality Improvements, Business Planning and Market Share Analysis Enrollment, Demographics & Other Health Insurance (CHCS/DEERS) • Clinic & Provider Profiles (Specialties & Workload Flags) • Individual Check-In/End of Day Processing • Correct assignment of Inpatient Attending Provider and Service • Coding Accuracy and Timely Completion • Ancillary Order Requesting Locations • Patient Registration • Duplicate Patients • NED Error Processing • CHCS/DEERS Sync • Eligibility Verification • OHI Capture (DD 2569) Be Prepared for the “Duration”… Data Quality is not at One-Time Effort…