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The Beginnings

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The Beginnings

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  1. Business Opportunity Overview

  2. The Beginnings • Founded in 2005 Breakthrough Product Technology Corporate Headquarters in San Clemente, California

  3. A Winning Partnership Five Years in Research and Development

  4. A Winning Partnership Exclusive “Direct to Consumer” Marketing Rights

  5. The Product StemEnhanceTM • Clinically-studied • US Patented • First of it’s kind product category – • “Stem Cell Enhancers”

  6. Growth of an Industry • 10 years ago – Antioxidants were not known • Media and Health Community promoted use through public education • Today it is a Multi Billion Dollar Indu$try

  7. Birth of New Industry Stem Cells – What are they? • Master cells that have the ability to differentiate into other cell types to facilitate repair and renewal. • Media hype centered around embryonic stem cell research. • Adult Stem Cells have the same abilities and are naturally found in our organs, tissue and bone marrow.

  8. Birth of New Industry • Adult Stem Cells help tissue and organs to maintain proper function. StemEnhanceTM is the very first Stem Cell Enhancer! • Aging causes decrease in stem cell mobility • Stem cell enhancers maintain healthy stem cell physiology, by assisting the natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.

  9. Birth of New Industry • StemEnhance has the potential to eclipse the Antioxidant market. • Tremendous business opportunity • Be a part of the next Trillion Dollar Industry!

  10. Opportunity • In business – Timing is EVERYTHING • Aging Baby Boomer Market • Growth of Wellness Industry • Tremendous advances in stem cell research and application

  11. Opportunity • In business – Timing is EVERYTHING The timing for StemEnhanceTM is PERFECT! • Aging Baby Boomer Market • Growth of Wellness Industry • Tremendous advances in stem cell research and application

  12. Opportunity • Four different ways to earn income • Build your business locally, nationally or internationally • Independent Distributors are already achieving great success.

  13. Opportunity • In business for yourself, but not by yourself. • Support tools include: • Conference Calls • Marketing Materials • Personal Website • Retail Shopping Cart • And much more

  14. Conclusion • Be in charge of your own business. • Write your own paycheck. • Complete support to help you grow your business. • Build to whatever level your dreams can take you. • Become a part of an opportunity that is poised to change the way we think about wellness and personal health.

  15. Conclusion “We welcome you to join us.”