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  1. Fallen Angels The Class Final

  2. Creating Your Newspaper • As you already know, you started this project with the final result being the creation of your newspaper and/or magazine. • Here are the requirements you must follow to create your final project.

  3. Requirements • You and your partner will be creating this final together, so it is up to the two of you on how best to share the responsibilities. • You must have 4 major pieces of writing. Each of you will write 2 of the 4 pieces. • The 4 pieces that must appear are to be Persuasive, Expository, Descriptive and Narrative.

  4. Additional Requirements • Each of the 4 writing pieces must be a page, in length. Keep in mind that traditional newspaper and magazine writing is not double spaced.

  5. Additional Requirements • You must also have the following three elements. • Advertisements (Pertaining to Vietnam era)- Need at least 4 each (2 each person) • Obits (Write obituaries for the characters) • There are 7 characters that die (one person is to complete 3 obits and the other person will complete 4 obits) • Classified section- Need at least 6 (3 per person)

  6. Additional Requirements • Each piece of writing, advertisement, obituary, and classified must have the name of the person who wrote it on it.

  7. Writing Types Defined • Persuasive • Persuasive writing is an attempt by the writer to convince the audience (readers) to agree with an opinion on a debatable issue or to perform a specific action. The writer uses details, facts, or examples to form his argument. The argument should be a direct, precise, logical presentation of the issue. Persuasive writing answers “why” questions – Why should the reader agree? - Why should the reader do what the writer asks?

  8. Expository • Expository writing is a writing that explains or informs. The writer must identify the topic and the purpose for writing. The information is arranged in the order that best develops the topic. Details, facts, examples, incidents, similarities, differences, etc. are included to explain the topic.

  9. Descriptive • Descriptive writing is a piece of writing that develops a “picture” of one idea by using sensory (ones that appeal to the senses) or concrete (ones that represent things seen or touched) details. The topic sentence reveals the main impression of the topic by using only those details that enhance the single idea.

  10. Narrative • Narrative writing is a piece of writing intended to tell a story, real or imaginary. • Narrative writing may entertain, or it may make a point. Narrative writings do not always contain topic sentences. Details in narrative writing are obtained by using the Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? method of questioning and should be arranged in chronological order (the order in which they happened).

  11. Example of Persuasive Writing

  12. Example of Advertisement

  13. Example of an Obituary Lorree A. Bunyard passed away to the spiritual world on Monday, Nov. 19. She was born in Fiat, Kansas, on Nov. 21, 1924. Lorree was the first of two children born to Alvin and Alta Hillman. She is survived by her brother Maurice (Bud) Hillman and children Larry and Marti Bunyard of Hillsboro, Ore., Leroy Bunyard of Damascus, Ore., Marg and Duke Dukes of Grants Pass, Paul and Linda Bunyard of Dallas, Ore., Mary Heater, Bob and Cathy Bunyard, Trudy and Andy Martisak, Penny Young and special friend Ken Runft, Martin Bunyard all Klamath Falls; 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. In May of 1940 Lorree married Harvey (Bob) Bunyard. They were married 56 years before Bob passed away in 1996. Lorree was a stay at home mom raising nine children, but also worked side by side with her husband. She loved flowers, gardening (peonies were her favorite) and enjoyed reading books of all kinds. She had a love for dancing and country music. A life long dream was to attend the Grand Old-Opry, which was a dream fulfilled by her son, Leroy. She and her brother spent time together, going to family reunions and old time fiddler performances. Lorree had a generous and caring heart plus a joyful spirit. She will be missed by all who knew her. A Celebration of Life Service will be Saturday, Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. in Davenport's Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Her final resting place is next to her beloved husband, Bob at Eternal Hills Memorial Gardens. Davenport's Chapel of the Good Shepherd, directors, is in charge of the arrangements.

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  15. Dates You will be Working in Class • Dec. 12 Dec. 17 • Dec. 13 Dec. 18 • Dec. 14 • Final Exam Project Due. January 4th