1. McIntyre Map of the United States Circa 1830

1. McIntyre Map of the United States Circa 1830

This is a historical map of the United States as it looked in approximately 1830, created by cartographer McIntyre. It shows the boundaries of the states as

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PowerPoint presentation about '1. McIntyre Map of the United States Circa 1830'. This presentation describes the topic on This is a historical map of the United States as it looked in approximately 1830, created by cartographer McIntyre. It shows the boundaries of the states as. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Manifest DestinyUS History McIntyre Map of United States Circa 1830

Slide22What is Manifest Destiny? American Progress Color Lithograph by George A. Crofutt and John Gast

Slide33What is “Manifest Destiny” • Belief that the US should expand its territory from coast to coast • The idea that God gave Americans the continent and wanted them to settle western lands

Slide44US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1776 • Great Britain • US declared independence from Great Britain A - 13 Original Colonies

Slide55US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1783 • Great Britain • Part of results of Treaty of Paris (ended Revolutionary War) B B - Western Lands

Slide66US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1803 • France • Napoleon needed $ • Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans • He got all of this instead! B C - Louisiana Purchase C

Slide77US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1819 • Spain • Andrew Jackson invaded • Spain then sold it to us for $5 million in the Adams- Onis Treaty B D - Florida D C

Slide88Thinking Question (don’t write this down!!  Just think!) Why weren’t Americans happy with the size of their country at this point in their history?

Slide99Mr. Manifest Destiny James K. Polk • Elected 11 th  President in 1845-1849 • Added more territory to the US (by any means) than any other President • Died 103 days after his single term ended • Born in Pineville, NC • UNC Chapel Hill graduate • Democrat • Settled the disputed Oregon territory

Slide1010US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1845 • Republic of Texas (Independent Country) • Texas independent from Mexico in 1836 • Northerners feared it would become a slave state • Fears finally overcome in 1844 Presidential election B E - Texas D C E

Slide1111Texas Mexico invited Americans • gave cheap land • Mexican citizens • live under their laws • convert to Catholicism

Slide1212Empresarios Stephen Austin Promised to fill land with a certain number of people

Slide1313Don’t Mess with Texas After attempts to become independent, Mexico closed borders to all Americans Banned slave labor Taxed imports

Slide1414What is Texas?   DO NOT WRITE Ruled by Mexico or Empresarios? The settlers did not bother to learn Spanish or convert to Catholicism.

Slide1515Texas / Lone Star Republic timeline 1821 – Mexico becomes independent of Spain 1821-23 – Mexico offers land grants to settlers 1823 –  Stephen Austin  led 300 families to Texas 1830 – Mexico closes the border to the US 1836 – the Battle of the Alamo 1836 – Texas declares its Independence from Mexico 1845 – Texas becomes the 28 th  state

Slide1616Texas war

Slide1717Alamo today

Slide1818US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1846 • Great Britain • Claimed by four countries (G. Britain, Russia, Spain, & US) • Americans demanded “54 °  40’ or fight!” • Britain compromised 49 ° & US accepted B F - Oregon Territory D C E F

Slide1919US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1848 • Mexico • Polk offers to buy G from Mexico & they refuse • War! • US wins • In Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, US offers $15 million for G B G - Mexican Cession D C E F G

Slide2020US Territorial Expansion A When? From Where? Why? • 1848 • Mexico • Needed for completion of Railroads • Purchase for $10 million B H-Gadsden Purchase D C E F G H

Slide2121Land acquisitions map

Slide2222Squatters Settled on lands they did not own Preemption Act of 1830 : government guaranteed squatters could claim land and buy up to 160 acres at 1.25$/acre WHO WENT WEST?

Slide2323Advances Jethro Wood : iron-bladed plow John Deere : plow with sharp edged steel blades Cyrus McCormick : reaper pulled by horse/mule

Slide2424Prairie Schooner

Slide2525Trails map

Slide2626Oregon Trail Developed by early traders and fur trappers, known as Mountain Men . Independence, Missouri to Portland, Oregon People began moving to Oregon in the 1830’s, and by 1844 there were over 5,000 whites permanently settled in the Oregon Territory The journey took several months and was very difficult. Settlers endured: Rough roads/trails Sickness Indian attacks Hot summers, cold winters

Slide2727Santa Fe Trail Trade route between Independence, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico Traders developed a caravan system to pass through dangerous Indian lands Settlers adopted this technique to get to California, Oregon, and Utah People gained economically from the trade, but also realized there was a lot of open land with little control by the Mexican government

Slide2828Mormons 1830 –  Joseph Smith founded the Mormon church in Kirkland, Ohio 1839 – Following grew to 15,000; they moved west to Illinois, where Joseph Smith was killed 1847 –  Brigham Young  led the Mormons west, where they eventually ended up in present day Salt Lake City, Utah

Slide2929What about the Native Americans? Traded goods and information with settlers Treaty of Fort Laramie: 8 groups agreed to boundaries in return for that land being theirs forever

Slide3030Discussion Question (Don’t write!!  Just think!) Why does the U.S. keep offering countries money for territories we gain through war (Ex. Florida and Mexico)?