FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget

FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget

The FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget, led by Mary Jane Miller, Director of the Office of Budget Management, totaled $2.566 billion, which was $2

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About FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget

PowerPoint presentation about 'FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget'. This presentation describes the topic on The FY 2011 Indian Affairs President's Budget, led by Mary Jane Miller, Director of the Office of Budget Management, totaled $2.566 billion, which was $2. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1FY 2011 Indian Affairs’President’s Budget Mary Jane Miller Director, Office of Budget Management

Slide2FY 2011 President’s Budget$2,566M -2% below FY 10 enacted level No change after one-time funding Congressional enacted level maintained

Slide3FY 2011 Secretarial Priorities inIndian Affairs Budget Empowering Tribal Nations • Advancing Nation-to-Nation Relationships:  $29.9M • Protecting Indian Country:         $20.0M • Advancing Indian Education: $8.9M • Improving Trust & Land Management:         $11.8M • New Energy Frontier  $2.5M • Climate Change Adaptation $200K

Slide4FY 2011 Secretarial Priorities inIndian Affairs Budget Advancing Nation-to-Nation Relationships:  $29.9M Contract Support & ISDF: $21.5M Small & Needy Tribes: $2.95M Social Workers: $2.0M Self-Determination Specialists: $1.0M Shellfish Settlement final adjustment: $1.5M Data Management: $0.5M Acquisition: $0.45M

Slide5FY 2011 Secretarial Priorities inIndian Affairs Budget Protecting Indian Country:   $20.0M FBI Agents  $19.0M Detention Center Maintenance $  1.0M

Slide6FY 2011 Secretarial Priorities inIndian Affairs Budget Advancing Indian Education: $8.9M ISEP Program Adjustments $3.9M Environmental Audits $2.0M Tribal Grant Support $3.0M

Slide7FY 2011 Secretarial Priorities inIndian Affairs Budget Improving Trust & Land Management:         $11.8M    New Energy Frontier   $2.5M  Climate Change Adaptation  $200K  Trust Natural Resources $1.2M  Cadastral Surveys $659K  Probate $1.879M  Water programs $1.5M  Safety of Dams $3.8M

Slide8FY 2011 IA President’s Budget Budget Supports Tribal Priorities As defined by Tribal Budget Advisory Committee:  Public Safety  Education  Economic Development (includes Energy)  Natural Resources  Overarching: Contract Support

Slide9Reductions – 2011 budgetOne-time TCU forward funding $50.0M Department-wide Savings $  5.2M Construction $55.4M Probate Backlog (completed) $  7.5M Settlement Completed $  2.4M ILCA $  2.0M Efficiencies $  1.7M $ in Millions

Slide10Realignments of Programs Road Maintenance: $26.4M  From: Community & Economic Development  To:     Tribal Government  Mineral & Mining: $18.5M  From:  Trust Natural Resources  To: Community & Economic Development

Slide11Realignments of Programs Facilities Maintenance: $50.7M   From:  Education Construction  To:        Education (Elem/Secondary)  Facilities Maintenance: $6.5M  From:  PS&J Construction  To:   Public Safety & Justice

Slide12Realignments of Programs Facilities Operations & Maintenance: $6.3M  From:  Executive Direction & Admin  To:  Public Safety & Justice

Slide13FY 2011 Indian Affairs Budget RequestProgram Changes: OIP: +6M; Construction: -$51.6M; Settlements: -1M; ILCA: -2M One time funding:  $50M; Efficiencies: $2M

Slide14Operation of IndianPrograms – By Activity PSJ Pgm Changes:  TG: +26M; HS: +2M; TNR: +1.9M; PS&J: +$20M; EDUC: +$6.9M

Slide15ConstructionBy Activity Replacement School:  Dennehotso Phase II, Chinle, AZ;  Replacement Facility: Riverside Indian School Phase I, Riverside, OK Reductions: ~$55M;  Realignments: ~$48M Education Construction

Slide16Land &  Water  Settlements/Miscellaneous Payments

Slide17Indian Guaranteed Loan ProgramNo Program Changes Subsidies

Slide18Budget DistributionTPA changes: Contract Spt:        +$19.5M  ISDF:                 +$  2.0M Small & Needy:     +$  3.0M Social Workers:     +$ 2.0M “Bennett Freeze”:  +$ 1.2M Energy:  +$ 1.0M


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