Group Nutrition Project Assignment

Group Nutrition Project Assignment

In this assignment, students will work in groups of 2-3 to develop a project on a specific nutrition topic. The groups will split up responsibilities and use various resources, including references and checklists,

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Group Nutrition Project Assignment'. This presentation describes the topic on In this assignment, students will work in groups of 2-3 to develop a project on a specific nutrition topic. The groups will split up responsibilities and use various resources, including references and checklists,. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Nutrition Assignment Assignment Description  Splitting Up Responsibilities  Getting Started  What You Will Hand In  References  Project Rubric  Checklist for Power Point(s)  Checklist for flyer/brochure  Checklist for presentation  Self-reflection rubric Mr. Stetler Health I Click the links

Slide2Assignment Description• Description :  You will be working on a  group project (2-3 in a group).   Your group will be assigned a  nutrition topic   to explore.   Each group member  will be responsible for looking  at the topic from  one of three perspectives: Physical/Mental:  How might this topic negatively affect your body (diagrams are great to illustrate this!)? Is it all bad or can it have any benefits to your body also? Does it affect the way that you think (mental)? Did you come across any interesting facts or statistics? Social:  If you suspect that a friend of yours might be in trouble due to this topic, what  Signs & Symptoms  can you look for (physically and behaviorally)? As a friend, how can you help this person, who may be at a serious health risk? Who can you refer them to? Can this affect their daily school routine? Cultural:  How much media coverage does your topic get (commercials, TV Shows, Public Service Announcements, etc.)? How do you think teens interpret the messages? Can you share any “real world” examples of people affected  by this topic (celebrities or         people in your life)?      Your Task

Slide3Getting Started     To begin researching, click on the topic (hyperlink) your group was assigned for good informational websites.  Exercise Addiction  Anorexia Nervosa  Bulimia  Obesity in U.S         (focusing on Lifestyle rather than           genetics)  Type 2 Diabetes  Fad Diets          (Adkins Diet, South Beach, etc.)  Fast Food Industry          (Impact on Diet & obesity trends)  Diet Pills

Slide4Your ProductsYour creation(s):  After you gather the information, your group must create and present the information to the class.  mini-Power  Point  Using your research ( physical/mental, social, cultural ),  each group member   will create a  “ mini-Power  Point ”  (at least 3 slides, with pictures). (10  minute presentation  Eventually, those  “mini-Power Points”  will be combined to form a “Group Power Point”  that will be shared to the class  (10  minute presentation   explaining  topic /Power Point) . Flyer  or  Newsletter    Lastly, your group is responsible for combining information to create a Flyer  or  Newsletter   ( one for each student in the class ) to accompany your presentation.

Slide5ReferencesExercise Addiction: ercise_addiction.htm Anorexia Nervosa: alth/eating/063.html Bulimia: www.nationaleating Obesity in U.S. Type 2 Diabetes: Fad Diets: Fast Food Industries: Diet Pills:

Slide6Checklist for Flyer/Brochure Check to make sure the criteria below are met for your flyer: Information: Information:  How does this relate to teenagers?  Is your topic a problem? Why?  Are there any interesting facts or statistics that teens should know?  Does the media address this topic much? If so, what is their message? Layout: Layout:  Pictures that support and relate to your information.  Colors and design that makes your most important information stand out.

Slide7Checklist for Group Power Point Check to make sure the criteria below are met for your Group PP: Information: Information:  Information is put into “your own words” not “Copied and Pasted”  Teenagers addressed as “Target Audience”  Accurate and relevant information is provided for all 3 areas     (Physical/Mental, Social, and Cultural).  “Real World” examples are included (or attempted) in presentation.  Your presentation must end in a “We Think…” slide that has each group     member sharing his/her opinion on the topic (3-6 sentences). Layout: Layout:  Slides – minimum of 11: (1 – Introduction), (3 – Physical/Mental),                                                (3 – Social), (3 – Cultural), (1 – “We Think…”)  Pictures that support and relate to your information.  Colors and design that makes your most important information stand out.

Slide8Checklist for Presentation Is your  “Group Power Point”  complete?  Is your  Flyer or Brochure  complete?  Did you print enough copies of your flyer for everybody in class?  Is each group member prepared to present his/her  3 slides ?  Is each group member comfortable with the information and ready to present?  Make sure the following questions are answered in your presentation: _______________________       (Student 1 signature) _______________________       (Student 2 signature) _______________________       (Student 3 signature)

Slide9Self-evaluation rubric   Answer the following questions about your assignment by circling Yes or No and by rating your effectiveness on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the best). 1.   Did your group work well together? 2.  Are you satisfied with the information that your group found  through research? 3. Did each group member produce at least 3 power point slides addressing “Physical/Mental, Social, or Cultural”? 4. Did your group include “Real Life” Examples to make the information relevant to your life? 5. Did your group create a quality, informational-accurate and thoughtful Power Point? 6. How would you evaluate your project? Yes     No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Circle one Circle one 1 2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4

Slide10Group Responsibilities: Group  Responsibilities: Day  1  and  2  Day  1  and  2  (Need Flash Drive)  Physical/Mental (Research, 3 Slides):  Social (Research, 3 Slides):  Cultural (Research, 3 Slides): Day  3  Day  3  (Need Flash Drive)  Putting Together “Group Power Point”  Creating  Flyer/Brochure  Aiding partners, Organizing Paperwork, and Preparing presentation. Before  Presentation  Before  Presentation  (Bring Flash Drive)  Copies of Flyer for every student in class  Finalizing Power Point  Ensuring Self Evaluation is Completed  Ensuring Presentation Checklist signed Members: 1. _______________________ 2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ Period: _____A/B TOPIC: __________________________ Members  Sign  Up: Members  Sign  Up: __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Members  Sign  Up: Members  Sign  Up: __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Before  Presentation  Before  Presentation  (Bring Flash Drive) __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

Slide111.Physical/Mental Aspect---------------- 2. Social Aspect------------------------------ 3. Cultural Aspect--------------------------- 4. Overall Power Point Presentation--- 5. Flyer/Brochure--------------------------- 6. Presentation------------------------------ 7. Work Habits------------------------------- 8. Impact and Relevance to Teens------ Period: _____A/B Group Members : 1. ________________________ 2. ________________________ 3. ________________________ Topic: ___________________ You will be scored (from 1-4) on how effectively you met the criteria below and demonstrated  knowledge and understanding in your Nutritional topic area.   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4 Overall Score: ______ Comments: Do not write on this page