ON INTELLIGENCE Workshop & Discourse

ON INTELLIGENCE Workshop & Discourse

Robert David Steele discusses the importance of intelligence in strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations in his ON INTELLIGENCE workshop. He highlights the need for Whole of Government and Whole Earth intelligence and warns against underestimating America's capacity for new wrong ideas before getting it right.

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PowerPoint presentation about 'ON INTELLIGENCE Workshop & Discourse'. This presentation describes the topic on Robert David Steele discusses the importance of intelligence in strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations in his ON INTELLIGENCE workshop. He highlights the need for Whole of Government and Whole Earth intelligence and warns against underestimating America's capacity for new wrong ideas before getting it right.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. ON INTELLIGENCE Workshop 2.4 http://tinyurl.com/2013-Steele

2. ON INTELLIGENCE: Whole of Government, Whole Earth, NATO, SOF, & Doing the Right Thing Robert David STEELE Vivas Earth Intelligence Network, Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog The Truth at Any Cost Reduces All Other Costs. A discourse rooted entirely in my personal experience since 1976 (strategy, policy, acquisition, operations, & intelligence).

3. Sadly, we must never, ever, [ ever ] underestimate the capacity of the Americans to think of new wrong things to try before they might get it right. The Americans always do the right thing... they just try everything else first.

4. On the Shoulders of Others (There is a need) to recognize that just as the essence of knowledge is not as split up into academic disciplines as it is in our academic universe, so can intelligence not be set apart from statecraft and society, or subdivided into elements...such as analysis and estimates, counter intelligence, clandestine collection, covert action, and so forth. Rather intelligence is a scheme of things entire . (Bozeman 1998: 177). The intelligence institutions have neglected support of judgment. This is partly due to being disinvited to help shape the sovereigns judgment, but also partly due to mistaking who the sovereign has become. The peoples judgment is now being poisoned by ideologues who have filled the void. The situation is not honestly and soberly appreciated . Societal sense-making suffers due to the failure of the intelligence function and the craft to support it. ( Senior US serving officer, 2012) Reformations and transformations are not the same thing. Reformations are concerned with changing the means systems employ to pursue their objectives. Transformations involve changes in the objectives they pursue. (Ackoff, 2004)

7. Admiral James G. Stavridis, USN Former NATO SACEUR Open Source Security Imagine global security driven by collaboration -- among agencies, government, the private sector and the public. That's not just the distant hope of open-source fans, it's the vision of James Stavridis, a highly accomplished Navy Admiral. Stavridis shares vivid moments from recent military history to explain why security of the future should be built with bridges rather than walls. What will 21st-century security look like? Navy Admiral James Stavridis suggests that dialogue and openness will be the game-changers. We must build bridges. Sharing information is how we connect everything.

8. Brigadier General Ferdinand Irizarry II Deputy Commanding General USAJFK Special Warfare Center and School First Active Duty Civil Affairs Colonel to make flag since WWII First Commanding Officer of the first US Army Civil Affairs Brigade since WWII Earned Executive Agency for the Joint Civil Affairs Information Management System Positioned to nurture White SOF to co-equal status with Black SOF, a vision articulated by General Peter Schoomaker, USA, then CINCSOC (1997) LACKING: USG Whole of Government PPBS and global whole systems analytic model

9. ON INTELLIGENCE Theory of Intelligence To what end?

10. Theory of Intelligence I Theory of Knowledge (Epistemology) Intelligence Is: Actionable Answers Decision-Support Evidence-Based Holistic Process Intelligence Is Not: Applied Knowledge Beliefs in Isolation Consciousness Covert Action Espionage Secret Information Wisdom

11. Intelligence should not be defined by Inputs Requirements Sources Processing Analysis Production Covert Action Being Wrong Theory of Intelligence II Purpose, Not Process Intelligence should be defined by Outputs . Answers to Specific Questions Appraisals of Specific Situations Forecasts of Specific Factors in Context Being Right

12. Intelligence for Peace & Prosperity

13. Illuminate True Costs Eradicate Corruption Educate All Publics Harmonize Field Effects

14. ON INTELLIGENCE Strategic Intelligence For future generations

15. Whole Systems Analytics

18. Evolutionary Path for Intelligence

19. Context & Process for Intelligence

20. Policy Intelligence Greatest good for the greatest number.

21. The Human Politics of Intelligence Greg Treverton (1986)

22. Four Distinct Threat Classes Understood from 1988 Less Cyber, Cyber Added 1992. BOTH US IC Leaders and DoD Leaders (Cheney) Refused to Acknowledge

23. Preliminary Holistic Analytic Model Core Gaps in Holistic Analysis Essential to Future-Proofing What US IC Focuses On..

24. Full-Spectrum Intelligence

26. US Nuclear Plants in Flood Zones US Nuclear Plants in Earthquakes Zones Not Addressed Above: Aquifer Draw & Contamination, Surface Water Contamination

27. STRATEGIC TECHNICAL Long Term (100 Years) Imminent 1 Year Out 90 Days Out 72 Hours Out 4 Years Out 25 Years Out 12 Years Out Whole of Government Institutions* Cross-Cutting Threats & Policies OPERATIONAL TACTICAL * In Order of Secession to Presidency ** Cabinet Rank Not In Succession Poverty Infectious Disease Environmental Degradation Inter-State Conflict Civil War Genocide Other Atrocities Proliferation Terrorism Transnational Crime Agriculture Diplomacy Economy Education Energy Family Health Immigration Justice Security Society Water President Vice President State Treasury Defense Justice Interior Agriculture Commerce Labor Health & Human Services Housing & Urban Development Transportation Energy Education Veterans Affairs Homeland Security Environmental Protection Agency** Office of Management & Budget** US Trade Representative** US Ambassador to the UN** Council of Economic Advisors** Small Business Administration**

28. Human Intelligence Human, the Force is

30. Government Military Law Enforcement Business Civil Societies Media Academia Non-Profit Information Commons Secret Internal Secret Shared Sensitive Shared Open (Public) Green Yellow Orange Red

31. Human Information Pathologies Censoring Cheating Culture Fog Facts Forbidden Knowledge Forgotten Knowledge Incestuous Amplification Lies Lost History Manufacturing Consent Missing Information Propaganda Rule by Secrecy Weapons of Mass Decepton Weapons of Mass Instruction

33. Humans Matter More!

34. Fragmentation of Academic Knowledge

35. Languages In (Discovery) Languages Out (Sharing) Six UN Languages Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish Practical Experience 33 Core 12 Arabic Minimum for Global Coverage 183

37. Counter-Intelligence Counterintelligence should be the center of gravity for the future of secret intelligence. Counterintelligence must focus on our domestic enemies more so than our foreign enemies. Counterintelligence must be able to expose and destroy domestic political and financial traitors. Offensive counterintelligence is not being done and needs to be a long-term endeavor. Counterintelligence cannot overcome the irresponsibility of NSA and others who refuse to be serious about cyber-security or even cyber-integrity. The FBI is an ineffective and compromised bureaucracy.

38. Acquisition Intelligence Where, when, & how will this be used?

39. Force Structure Should Meet Needs


41. Acquisition Generalizations 1. All Countries or Some Countries? 2. Coastal & Capital Areas & Main Channels or All Areas? 3. Warfighting Only or Full-Spectrum Peace & Relief Also? 4. Worst-Case Everything or Holistic Balance? 5. C4I Assumed or Mandated? 6. Continuous Threat Support to All Mission Areas? 7. Operational Test & Evaluation? With/Without FORMAT ? Threat is both conventional and unconventional Ground threat complex & lethal Air threat night/all-weather and integrated air defense systems Naval threat from coastal guns and missiles severe Insurgencies are a constant Mountains, deserts, jungle, and urban environments require distinct approaches Majority of the operational areas are hot and humid, standard aviation limited Cross-country mobility a show-stopper Line of sight distance under 1,000 meters Bridge-loading & tunnel clearance issues 50% ports not usable, C-130 fields most commonwe lack long-haul air Cultural terrain far beyond our ken

42. Threat Changes: T-72 in Libya

43. Doing Intelligence What do we need to know, when, in what fashion, for optimal total sustainable effect?

44. Fundamentals of Intelligence 1. Whole of Government Decision-Support 2. Holistic Analytics with True Cost Economics 3. Counterintelligence on Domestic Enemies 4. Integrated Scalable IT 5. Open Requirements Showing Satisfaction & Connecting Clients 6. Spend with Integrity 25 Years US$1.2 Trillion Still Do Not Have This!

45. RQMTS DEF Asst Scty A Mission A Mission C Mission D Mission B Requirements Definition From Each Functional Area For Each Mission Type COLL. MGMT HUMINT/OSINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT Country A Country C Country D Country B Collection Management To Each Collection Discipline Specifics and Deadlines EVALUA- TION HUMINT/OSINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT Country A Country C Country D Country B Evaluation Of Each Collection Discipline Specifics and Deadlines CAPAB. BLDG. HUMINT/OSINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT Mission A Mission C Mission D Mission B Program Development Of Your Organic Capabilities Unique to Function/Mission Support Step 1 Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 External Satisfies External Fails THEREFORE Your-Specific Capabilities Required & Put Into PPBS. Keep OMB Informed. Asst Scty B Asst Scty B Asst Scty D

46. Utility of Open Sources Economic and social threats, including 95% Poverty 99% Infectious Disease 95% Environmental Degradation 90% Interstate conflict 75% Internal conflict, including 90% Civil War 85% Genocide 95% Other Large-Scale Atrocities 95% Nuclear, radiological, chemical, and biological WMD 75% Terrorism 80% Transnational organized crime 80%

47. 001 Decision-Support is the Raison D'tre 002 Value-Added Comes from Analysis, Not Secret Sources 003 Global Coverage Matters More 004 Non-Traditional Threats Are of Paramount Importance 005 Intelligence w/o Translation is Ignorant 006 Source Balance Matters More 007 "Two Levels Down 008 Processing Matters More, Becomes Core Competency 009 Cultural Intelligence is Fundamental 010 Geospatial and Time Tagging is Vital 011 Global Open Source Benchmarking 012 Counterintelligence Matters More New Rules 013 Cross-Fertilization Matters More 014 Decentralized Intelligence Matters More 015 Collaborative Work and Informal Communications Rise 016 New Value is in Content + Context + Speed 017 Collection Based on Gaps versus Priorities 018 Collection Doctrine Grows in Sophistication 019 Citizen "Intelligence Minutemen" are Vital 020 Production Based on Needs versus Capabilities 021 Strategic Intelligence Matters More 022 Budget Intelligence Is Mandatory 023 Public Intelligence Drives Public Policy 024 Analysts are Managers 025 New Measures of Merit 026 Multi-Lateral Burden-Sharing is Vital 2004 NEW RULES for the New Craft of Intelligence

48. Feeding the High Side Gwyn Whitaker & Robert Steele (2005)

49. Open Source Everything (OSE)

50. Six Bubbles

51. Technology Architecture

52. Analytic Tool-Kit for Intelligence Diane Webb et al (1986)

53. Multinational - Strategic

54. Multinational - Operational

56. Local to Global Range of Needs Table

58. Wild Card: The Virgin Truth The Virgin Truth gains first-mover advantage with OSE delivering public knowledge faster, better, cheaper while earning profit. The Virgin Truth will help eradicate the 50% that is fraud, waste, and abuse, and profit from being the hub for an educated public .

59. Wild Card: NATO Open Source Security 1 st of 3 Multinational Decision-Support Centres

60. United Nations Assistant Secretary General Open-Source Decision-Support Director Open Source Agency Director World Brain Institute Director Open Source Consortium Director The Virgin Truth NATO/ACT Director Human Factors Program Autonomous Internet Open Source Everything Liberation Technology African Union Intelligence Network Community of Latin American and Caribbean States Intelligence Network (Asian) Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Intelligence Network

62. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. BE the Force!