Access to Excellence: Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Access to Excellence: Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014

This document provides an update on the highlights and priorities of the Del Mar College Strategic Plan from 2009 to 2014. It includes the contributions and perspectives of various committee members and key stakeholders.

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About Access to Excellence: Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014

PowerPoint presentation about 'Access to Excellence: Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014'. This presentation describes the topic on This document provides an update on the highlights and priorities of the Del Mar College Strategic Plan from 2009 to 2014. It includes the contributions and perspectives of various committee members and key stakeholders.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Del Mar College, strategic plan, highlights, priorities, committee members,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Access to Excellence Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014 2009-2010 Highlights Update and Priorities for 2010-2011 Presented by Lenora Keas Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment

2. Strategic Planning Advisory Committee August Alfonso , Chief Information Technology Officer Jessica Alaniz , Asst. to V P of Admin. & Finance Mary Afuso Dir. of Customized Training Jonda Halcomb , Interim Dean Division of Arts & Sciences Elva Estrada , Regent Benny Ray Gregory , Asst. Professor Industrial Education Claudia Jackson , Exec. Director of Community & Legislative Relations Mike Jones , Assoc. Professor of Speech Eric Moller , Asst. Professor Math Gabe Rivas , Regent Leonard Rivera , Interim Dean Larry Lee , Interim Dean Div. Business, Professional & Technology Education Joel McKinney , Asst. Prof. Biology Dee Salmon , Director Grants & Sponsored Research Raquel Tapia , Instructor Dental & Imaging Technology Ann Thorn , Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science Chuck Tines , Director Purchasing & Business Services Pat Townsend , Dir Development Lenora Keas , Exec. Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment

3. Access to Excellence Highlights for 2009-2010

4. Goal 1 Student Success Maximize Student Learning: Awards in 2009-2010 Associate in Arts 318 Associate in Science 22 Associate of Arts in Teaching - 40 Associate in Applied Science 521 Certificates 412 Marketable Skills Awards 22 Total 1,335 Licensure Pass Rates 91.74% Early College Program- Exemplary by TEA GED 174 graduates at 99% pass rate

5. Goal 1 Student Success Quality & Programs: General Education Assessment Task Force & Committee Irma Woods and Mary Ann Williams, Bryan Stone SACS - QEP Fernando Figueroa , Patricia Walter , John Crisp & Vickie Natale Curriculum Committee James Klein Academic Standards Committee Joe Dudek

6. Goal 1 Student Success Achieving the Dream Initiative Core Team Sandra Valerio Leader Data Team David Andrus Leader Establishing a Culture of Evidence data used to make decisions To help students: -Successfully complete a developmental or college course -Persist from one term to the next -Earn a certificate or degree

7. Goal 1 Student Success Student Services: Colleague online 24 hour service to students WebDMC Portal for students Data exchange with Dept. Education FASFA/ISIR, Pell, Direct Loan, Pay online

8. Goal 1 Student Success New programs/courses Mexican-American Studies Initiative New Course: Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation Cynthia Perkins Multi-disciplinary faculty in 5 departments Jonda Halcomb & Liz Flores AS Engineering with Mechanical Engineering Option Warren Knox AAS Engineering Technology Warren Knox

9. Goal 1 Student Success Closed Captioning Enhanced Skills Certificate $381,000 Federal Appropriations Grant Darcy Gohlke, Dolores Oliveira, Tracy Johnston

10. Goal 1 Student Success GeoTech National Science Foundation Center of Excellence Phil Davis $1.25 M annually & $500 K impact locally Trained over 500 educators & staff

11. Team Work on Grants Grants & Sponsored Research Dee Salmon, Javier Escamilla & faculty/staff teams & collaborators TRiO Student Support Services Grant - $1,277,525 over 5 years Tamatha Jackson & Greg Spayd 56 staff/faculty served on teams 29 departments 35 external grant applications 10 funded 10 pending and in review $2,008,721 funded to date $10,789,831 pending

12. Goal 1 Student Success Library Services Chris Tetzlaff-Belhasen Student Technology Centers added online and data bases student electronic searches increased by 83% - in last 5 years Supplemental Education Ron Huskin 54 SI Student Leaders 877 students participated in SI classes Grade for participants - .83 points higher Student Success Center Agnes Flores Since opening in Jan 2010 4,961 visiting students Title V Grant

13. Goal 2 - Operational Resources Enhance infrastructure, funding, and financial capabilities

14. Goal 2 Operational Resources Technology Datatel August Alfonso & Gay Roberts Colleague - Financial Management, HR, Purchasing 24 hour access to approve Faculty Self Service via portal Going Green Environmental Management Committee Teresa Klein Resource and energy savings $2.6 million savings in electrical power over 4 years Chuck Tines

15. Goal 3 Professional Capabilities and Procedural Improvements Expand knowledge, skills, and abilities of personnel

16. Goal 3 Professional Capabilities and Procedural Improvements Employee benefit of tuition waiver. Leadership: Summer Academy Patricia Walter, Irma Woods, Vicky Andrews, Dee Salmon & Matt Perry Non-Exempt Council Diana Jobe Exempt Council - Warner Collier Faculty Council Laura Day Brown Chairs Council Rebecca Flores TLC Vicky Andrews & Mae Martin 219 training sessions 2,279 faculty & staff

17. Goal 4 - External Partnerships Strengthen alliances Partnerships with Universities and Schools Joint Admissions Agreement with TAMU-CC

18. Goal 4 External Partnerships Bold Future lead partner on 16 initiatives Mark Escamilla & Claudia Jackson Customized Training Services 15 companies & trained 1,024 employees Small Business Development Center 22 Businesses established 142 new jobs!!!

19. Goal 4 External Partnerships Partnerships on Grants Health Science Programs all hospitals, Fire Dept., Manpower, U of H Medical Branch, University of Florida, Tarrant County CC, Georgia Technical College System Safety Office City of CC, Fire Dept. & Dept of State Health Services Kelly White & Chris Tweddle Natural Sciences - NSF BioTech Grant & USDA HSI Edu. Grant student internships - Cornell, TAMUCC, TAMUK, MD Anderson, UC San Diego, Berkeley National Labs, Joint Genome Institute in California Rob Hatherill Jonda Halcomb

20. Goal 5 Positioning Strengthen the overall positive image of the College Northwest Center Bud Harris & Leonard Rivera

21. Goal 5 Positioning Social Media - DMCTube, Twitter, YouTube, each over 21,000 hits -Jay Knioum & Claudia Jackson

22. Goal 5 - Positioning Student Recruitment and Outreach Feria Para Aprender (Learning Fair) Beach to Bay Leonard Rivera Mass for DMC Angel Wilburn

23. Goal 6 Governance Cultivate relationships among all constituencies

24. Goal 6 Governance New Director of Development Mary McQueen Scholarships awarded - $708,000 to 1,050 students Come Home to Del Mar College - $540,000 New Alumni Organization Yvette Lara No. of members 20,336 Legislative Delegation to Washington DC

25. Priorities for 2010-2011 Goal 1 - Student Success SACS Reaffirmation June 2011 Begin QEP Integration Achieving the Dream Initiative General Education Assessment Implement TRiO Student Support Services Grant $255,505 per yr. Student Retention Retention Alert Increase online programs and delivery Blackboard integrates to Colleague

26. Priorities for 2010-2011 Goal 2 Operational Resources Energy savings chilled water system Thermal storage tanks, Recycling program Begin Construction on Drama & Music/Fine Arts Buildings Facilities Master Plan New Online Master Calendar Resource Diversification

27. Priorities for 2010-2011 Goal 3 Professional Capabilities & Procedural Improvements Assessment of Outcomes Enrollment Management Align Budget and Planning Enhance Leadership Skills of All Goal 4 - Strengthen Alliances External Partnerships Dual Credit Early College Programs Transfer Programs Workforce Training and Certificates Joint Admissions Agreement TAMU-CC Bold Future of the Coastal Bend

28. Priorities for 2010-2011 Goal 5 Positioning New DMC Website Media DMCTube & social media Enhance student access & recruitment Active Admissions transforms website Enhance Outreach 2010 Bayfest, CC Jazz Fest., DMC 75 th Anniversary Review/revise College Mission Goal 6 Governance Create new revenue streams Grow Alumni & DMC Development Foundation

29. Access to Excellence Strategic Planning Web Site