Understanding Graphic Arts: From Concept to Press

Understanding Graphic Arts: From Concept to Press

This article aims to provide an introduction to the world of Graphic Arts. We often don't realize that we are surrounded by it in our daily lives in the form of magazines, newspapers,

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About Understanding Graphic Arts: From Concept to Press

PowerPoint presentation about 'Understanding Graphic Arts: From Concept to Press'. This presentation describes the topic on This article aims to provide an introduction to the world of Graphic Arts. We often don't realize that we are surrounded by it in our daily lives in the form of magazines, newspapers,. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Graphic ArtsWhat’s it all about….

Slide2Graphic Arts Think about what is around you…  You are experiencing Graphic Arts…  Magazines/ Newspapers…  T-Shirts….  Billboards  Packaging  Television  Websites  Others….

Slide3Graphic Arts Graphic Arts can be broken down into 4 key areas  Design – Conceptualizing/ Creating  Pre-Flight – Assembling/ Correcting/ Proofing files  Press Operations – Running a printing Press  Finishing – Post press, cutting assembling, special effects Design Pre-Flight Press Finishing

Slide4Graphic Arts The Computer has revolutionized the Industry  Prior to 1990, all done by hand  Macintosh, PageMaker and Laser Writer changed industry

Slide5Graphic Arts With the Advent of the Computer/ Skills required have  INCREASED  While job descriptions have  DECREASED  Designers know have to take on a greater role, be able to do more  Take a project through completion

Slide6Graphic Arts Design & Pre-Flight  Graphic Artists must possess abilities to  create and  assemble  digital files Film Stripping (Obsolete) + =

Slide7Graphic Arts Traditional  Printed Bound Matter  Magazines  Books  Flyers  Posters  Packages  Newspapers  Correspondence  New Media  Dynamic Media  (electronic & broadcast)  Website (easy to navigate)  IPODS (Hand Held Devices)  Flash Presentations  Kiosks  Delivery Devices not yet available The Changing Landscape

Slide8Graphic Arts Fundamentals make you a good designers  Hardware helps you create  Apply the fundamentals of good design  Layout, color, type, image  Borrow from other media  Think Dynamically!  Explore, invent, Take Risks!

Slide9Graphic Design What Employers Look For…  Design Diversity  Excellent Typography Skills  Well Organized  Creative

Slide10Graphic Arts Other Criteria  Strong Portfolio  Software Skills  Personal Presentation  “How well you fit in with current employees”  Differences if you come from a 2 or 4 year school are small…  2= Hand on/ Faster  4= More concept development

Slide11Graphic Arts Employment Outlook is good to excellent…  Web Houses  Printers  Ad Agencies  In House Agencies  What kind of jobs can you get with a graphic design degree?  Print design  Web design  Designer in an advertising agency  In-house designer for a corporation  Illustrator  Book design  Multimedia (movie titles, TV ads, etc.)  Corporate Identity (logos, stationery, etc.)

Slide12Graphic Design Secret to good design “Everything is Designed Twice”  First – Generate the idea  Second – Production of the idea  Begin with the end in your mind! Where do you need to end up? For More Information;  www.gaerf.org

Slide13Communication & Design Work based class  Learn to use Computer Programs to “Create” Printed Materials  Illustrator (Drawing), PhotoShop (Images) & In-Design (Page layout)  Flyers, Posters, Shirts, etc.  Think of this class as a 50 Minute Business

Slide14Now Go ahead and Log-on Open Illustrator CS4