Greek Philosophers on Rulers and Law

Greek Philosophers on Rulers and Law

This article explores the ideas of Plato and Aristotle on the qualities of ideal leaders and the role of law in government.

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About Greek Philosophers on Rulers and Law

PowerPoint presentation about 'Greek Philosophers on Rulers and Law'. This presentation describes the topic on This article explores the ideas of Plato and Aristotle on the qualities of ideal leaders and the role of law in government.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Greek philosophers, rulers, law, Plato, Aristotle,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER? KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF! Quarter 1 Common Assessment Review

2. PLATO Philosopher Kings Which Greek philosopher said that the wisest & most talented should rule? What did he call these leaders?

3. Aristotle He who trust any man with supreme power gives into a wild beastbut law is reason without desire What Greek philosopher argued that the government should follow the law & believed in a strong middle class?

4. LOGIC & REASON Greek philosophers taught the world to use and

5. REPUBLIC In what type of government do citizens elect representatives to make government decisions?

6. Rome What was the first civilization to have a republic?

7. 1. Republic 2. Written Law 3. Laws apply equally to everyone Name 3 great things Rome left to the world?

8. *Judaism/Christianity believe in one god *Greeks/Romans believed in many gods What was the main difference in between Judaism/Christianity and Greek/Roman beliefs?

9. 1. Everyone is born equal 2. Everyone has worth 3. Everyone and every community has the responsibility to fight oppression What ideas did the monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) teach that influenced democracy?

10. MAGNA CARTA King John What was the first document to limit the power of a king & give people rights? Who signed it?

11. Constitutional Monarchy A t y p e o f g o v e r n m e n t w h e r e t h e k i n g s p o w e r i s l i m i t e d .

12. Glorious Revolution William & Mary A constitutional monarchy was created in England during what revolution? Who were the leaders in England who agreed to this?

13. Thomas Hobbes Social Contract Who believed people were born selfish & wicked? He also said society needed an agreement between the people & their government. What is this called?

14. J o h n L o c k e l i f e , l i b e r t y , p r o p e r t y What Enlightenment thinker argued that people had natural rights? Name those natural rights.

15. Rebel, overthrow, revolt against the government Locke argued that when a government was oppressive & not protecting the natural rights of the people, how should the people react?

16. Montesquieu Whose ideas of separation of powers resulted in different branches of government?

17. R o u s s e a u What Enlightenment thinker thought that the only good type of government that was formed by the general will of the people?

18. Voltaire Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and promoting tolerance were all ideas from what thinker?

19. 1. No torture 2. No capital punishment 3. Fair & speedy trials 4. laws are there to keep order What are some of Beccarias ideas regarding laws?

20. Limit power of govt & protect rights of people What do all of the documents that we have learned about have in common? (Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, U.S. Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Declaration of Rights of Man)

21. 1. Weak leaders 2. Famine 3. Enlightenment Ideas 4. Unfair Taxes 5. Debt What are the 5 causes of the French Revolution?

22. *Estates General *Tennis court Oath *Storming of the Bastille *Decl. of Rights of Man *Executions of king & queen *Reign of Terror *execution Robespierre Name some of the most important events of the French Revolution.

23. *Becomes a hero defending a weak government *Coup detat How did Napoleon rise to power in France?

24. Battle of Trafalgar & Continental System What battle showed Napoleon he would not be able to make Britain part of his empire? What was his back up plan to cut off all trade to Britain?

25. S c o r c h e d E a r t h What policy did the Russians use to defeat Napoleon?

26. Battle of Waterloo What was Napoleons last battle?

27. To create a balance of power in Europe What was the main purpose at the Congress of Vienna?

28. To prevent revolutions in their countries Why did the kings of Russia, Prussia, & Austria hold the Concert of Europe?

29. S i m o n B o l i v a r What leader/general who was inspired by the Enlightenment helped liberate most of South America?

30. C r e o l e s What educated group in Spanish colonial society led Latin America toward independence?