Fraud Prevention and Identification at Ohio BMV

Fraud Prevention and Identification at Ohio BMV

Learn how Ohio BMV is partnering with commerce professionals to prevent and identify fraud in the issuance of driver licenses and identification cards. Hear from John Born, Director of Ohio Dept of Public Safety, and Mike Rankin, Registrar of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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About Fraud Prevention and Identification at Ohio BMV

PowerPoint presentation about 'Fraud Prevention and Identification at Ohio BMV'. This presentation describes the topic on Learn how Ohio BMV is partnering with commerce professionals to prevent and identify fraud in the issuance of driver licenses and identification cards. Hear from John Born, Director of Ohio Dept of Public Safety, and Mike Rankin, Registrar of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Fraud Identification, Prevention, Ohio BMV, Ohio Dept of Public Safety, Commerce Professionals,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Fraud Identification & Prevention BMV Investigations John Born, Director Ohio Dept of Public Safety Mike Rankin, Registrar Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Fraud Identification & Prevention Ohios Commerce Professionals and the BMV; Partnering for a Safer Ohio

2. How can the BMV help? Currently there are more than 8.9 million driver license and identification card holders in Ohio. The documents are issued by the Ohio BMV on a daily basis, and relied upon by you for positive identification of the customer or client. Fraudulently obtained and counterfeit driver licenses and identification cards are a key component in the FASTEST growing crime which costs us more than all other property crimes combined (1) . 1- Bureau of Justice Statistics (2013)

3. VICTIM #1 19 yrs old VICTIM #2 17 yrs old VICTIM #2 FORCED TO ASSUME IDENTITY OF VICTIM #1 Its not JUST money VICTIM #2 FORCED TO APPLY FOR PUBLIC BENEFIT AS #1 VICTIM #2 FORCED TO CONDUCT FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS AS #1 VICTIM #2 FORCED TO OBTAIN OHIO ID CARD AS #1 TO AVOID DETECTION BY LAW ENFORCEMENT Illicit acts completed through the theft of personal identifying information is often times found in more than just financial crimes. This case found a stolen identity was used for interstate prostitution/ human trafficking

4. Key Tips to Remember 1. Remove the document 2. Examine the document 3. Compare the document 4. REACT

5. 1. Ask for the document to be removed Counterfeiters know that they are often not required to remove the document from a wallet or case. Poorly constructed counterfeit documents often tear, rip, or are otherwise mutilated once removed from a wallet or case.

6. 2. Document Examination Secure documents do not easily separate or peel Note the tool mark used to open a completely new account with changing the driver license number from UE to UF

7. 2a. Document Examination Poor scissor skills and improper shadowing easily detected Authentic documents contain clear focused images. For example, look at the flower on the counterfeit ( top ) license verses the flower on the authentic ( bottom) .

8. 2b. But Wait I have a mag stripe reader Each of the counterfeit documents confiscated above had holograms and when scanned, indicated the same fraudulent information that is on the front of the document. Just because it scans does NOT make the document authentic

9. 3. Compare the Document to the Presenter Compare the image to the person who is presenting the document. Be vigilant for sunglasses or other feature altering items of clothing (hats, hooded sweatshirts). ??????-NO

10. 3a. More than 1 document? Pay close attention to the issue dates of the documents as counterfeiters may use the same dates of issuance and often the same photo .

11. 4. Take Action: REACT Remain calm Detecting a fraud is exciting, and the customer or client may be more or equally nervous. Evaluate If possible remove yourself for a moment to an office or to a coworkers station to evaluate your findings. Ask for help Speak with a supervisor or manager about what you have found and what the next course of action should be. Contact authorities as per your procedure Identity fraud is a crime and the fraud you may have detected may lead to the solution of numerous other reported cases. Track the activity The actions taken by the customer or client who is perpetuating the fraud, may be replicated at another time. Good detailed documentation will help your co-workers or you in the event of prosecution of the suspect.

12. BMV Investigations Here for you BMV Investigations has district offices around the state and Investigators who are prepared to provide assistance in the event of identity fraud. Along with their primary duties listed below, BMV Investigations: Investigate fraud regarding drivers licenses, ID cards, vehicle registrations, titles, and matters pertaining to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Assist and educate criminal justice professionals, BMV colleagues and the public regarding identity theft and methods of detection, prevention and reaction.

13. Toledo District Office (1) 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, Ohio 43614 Melody Price - Supervisor (p) 419.327.8989 (f) 419.245.2653 Cleveland District Office (2) 12000 Snow Rd. Unit 15 Parma, Ohio 44130 Mark D. Hoy - Supervisor (p) 440.845.1264 (f) 440.845.1313 Youngstown District Office (3) 831 Southwestern Run #2 Youngstown, Ohio 44514 Mary DAmato- Supervisor (p) 330.629.2145 (f) 330.629.2603 Central Ohio District Office (4) 1970 West Broad St. Columbus, Ohio 43223 Darren Lucas- Chief Todd Ballinger- Assistant Chief (p) 614.752.4885 (f) 614.752.7008 Southeast Ohio District Office (5) 1583 Alum Creek Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43209 Angi Copley- Supervisor (p) 614.752.7513 (f) 614.752.8383 Cincinnati District Office (6) 10948 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 Mike Kessler- Supervisor (p) 513.742.7514 (f) 513.742.7549 BMV Investigations District Contacts

14. The End