Make vs Do: Understanding the Difference

Make vs Do: Understanding the Difference

Learn the difference between using 'make' and 'do' in everyday English with examples and usage.

About Make vs Do: Understanding the Difference

PowerPoint presentation about 'Make vs Do: Understanding the Difference'. This presentation describes the topic on Learn the difference between using 'make' and 'do' in everyday English with examples and usage.. The key topics included in this slideshow are make, do, produce, origin, food, drink,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Make v.s Do MAKE 1) It often has the meaning of creating,producing,constructi ng something which wasn't there before, sth new. Eg: make dinner,make a noise, make a cake.

2. Make v.s Do 1.1.-It is also used to indicate the origin of a product or the materials that are used to make something. Eg This t-shirt was made in China His wedding ring is made of gold Wine is made from grapes 1.2.-We use Make with Food, Drink and Meals: E.g He made a cup of tea She made dinner at 22.00 He made a cake for my birthday party

3. Make v.s Do 1.3.- Use make with certain nouns about plans and decisions: Make a decision (tomar una decisin) Make plans (hacer planes) Make a choice (hacer una eleccin) 1.4.-We use Make with nouns about speaking and certain sounds: make a comment(hacer un comentario) make a noise (hacer ruido) make a speech (hacer un discurso)

4. Make v.s Do DO 1) It has the meaning of fullfilling (completar) a task which already exists. 1.1. -It is used when talking about work, jobs or tasks. Note, they do not produce any physical object. Eg Have you done your homework? I have already done my exam Do you like doing housework?

5. Make v.s Do 1.2.-It is used when we refer to activities in general without being specific . In these cases, we normally use words like thing, something, nothing, anything, everything etc. Hurry up! I've got things to do! Don't just stand there do something! Is there anything I can do to help you?

6. Make v.s Do Works, jobs and tasks (DO) Product Material/Origin(MAKE) Do housework Made in China Do homework Made of gold Do an exam Made from grapes Non-specific activities (DO) Plans and decisions (MAKE) Do nothing Make a plan Do something Make a decision Do things Make a choice Food, drinks and meals (MAKE) Speaking and sounds (MAKE) Make a cake Make a comment Make breakfast/lunch/dinner Make a speech Make tea Make noise

7. Make v.s Do DO MAKE Do the washing-up Make an agreement Do the ironing Make the bed Do sports/exercise Make a journey Do gymnastics Make money Do the shopping Do the cleaning