About Presentica

What is Presentica

Presentica is a free platform to share PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations online. Simply upload your documents/presentations to Presentica, and we'll convert it to a web-friendly HTML5 format making it shareable via our online presentation player which can be embedded on any sites. Presentations shared via Presentica can either be public or private. Presentica provides users with an option to add followers and as well as follow other users, also with an additional facility to reveal links to their social handles on their profile. In a nutshell, Presentica works like a digital marketing tool that can promote your brand on the WebSphere by sharing slides on related potential sites.

What makes Presentica so powerful?

  • Upload/Share documents & presentations free of cost
  • Share contents on social media sites
  • Embed content player on your sites
  • Discover millions of documents