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In this game hosted by Mrs. Pallone & Company, players must follow these steps to play: 1. Go to Question 1 2. Start

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PowerPoint presentation about '"How to Play Mrs. Pallone & Company's Question Game"'. This presentation describes the topic on In this game hosted by Mrs. Pallone & Company, players must follow these steps to play: 1. Go to Question 1 2. Start. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Hosted by:Mrs. Pallone & Company Directions

Slide2How to play…Go to Question 1 1. Start with Question 1. 2.  Listen to the question. 3.  Choose the best answer. If you are wrong, try again until you have found the correct answer. 4.  Answer all questions.

Slide3Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide4Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide5Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide6Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide7Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide8Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide9Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide10Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide11Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide12Oops!Please try again Try again

Slide13What landform is the tallest?lake valley river mountain

Slide14Great Job!Go to next question 2

Slide15Great Job!Go to next question 3

Slide16Great Job!Go to next question 4

Slide17Great Job!Go to next question 5

Slide18Great Job!Go to next question 6

Slide19Great Job!Go to next question 7

Slide20Great Job!Go to next question 8

Slide21Great Job!Go to next question 9

Slide22Great Job!Go to next question 10

Slide23Great Job! You’re DONE!You are a landform expert! Play Again

Slide24Which landform can beas small as a football field or as big as a state? lake valley  ocean   desert

Slide25I am hot and dryand sandy? What am I? lake  ocean   desert plain

Slide26lake ocean Which types of water flows through mountains and empties into lakes or oceans? river stream

Slide27lake ocean   Which type of water is salty? stream river

Slide28lake ocean Which body of water is fresh water? plain mountain

Slide29  desertplain Which landform has farms and is a rural community? (grassland) valley mountain

Slide30lake ocean I am smaller than a river. What am I? stream river

Slide31lake  desert plain valley Lizards, iguanas and snakes love to live here. What am I?

Slide32  desertplain I am good for growing crops or raising cattle. What am I? valley mountain


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