The Evolution of Music Listening

The Evolution of Music Listening

From gramophones to iPods, learn how technology has transformed the way people listen to music.

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1. By Hope and Sarah 10Ns

2. We have been researching about how people used to listen to their music on gramophones. Now they listen to ipods and mp3 players. Over the last 100 years there has been big changes. Music Music

3. Phonograph phonograph = record player = gramophone. • Grammy Awards: music awards sponsored by American company that made gramophones • Phonograph = device that records and plays back sounds • Also called ‘talking machines’ • Invented by Thomas Edison in 1877

4. Early History Record players was built by Édouard- Léon Scott de Martinville of France in 1857 but they could only record and could not play the sounds back. . This is a phonograph from 1907. This record player from the 40s shows how the speaker has changed from a horn to inside speakers.

5. This is a 70s record player This record player from the 50s can be carried around.

6. Today DJs use a record changer to mix their sounds. • made of glass, zinc later plastic. • Spiral groove with sound information carved into the record. • The record was rotating on the gramophone. • “Arm" with needle reads the grooves in the record by vibration. Records

8. This is a 31 year old walkman Akio Morita invented the walkman in 1979. It was only to be able to play tapes Who invented the WALKMAN ? The first CD walkman was invented in August 1983 by Sony James T. Russell conceived the compact disc player (CD player) in 1965 while he worked at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Battelle Memorial Institute in Richland July 1 1979 – October 25 2010 Walkman 220 was sold .

9. In 1958, RCA Victor introduced the stereo, quarter-inch, reversible, reel-to-reel RCA tape cartridge It was a cassette, big (5" x 7"), it failed. • In 1962 Philips invented the compact audio cassette medium for audio storage, with the trademark name Compact Cassette . By the end of the 1970s cassettes were becoming less popular as compact discs became available. Digital technology took their place

10. By April 2010 iPods 260,000,000.

11. 01/11/2005

12. Released on January 11, 2005. iTunes offers some new features for iPod Shuffle The third generation iPod Shuffle has a polished steel attachment clip.

14. The product was launched on September 5, 2007, at an event called The Beat Goes On. The iPod Touch and the iphone, a smartphone by Apple Inc., share the same hardware platform and run the same iOS operating system. The iPod Touch lacks some of the iPhone's features and associated apps, such as access to cellular networks (and speaker on older models). As a result, the iPod Touch is slimmer and lighter than the iphone. Multimedia, which is available as a single "iPod" app on the iphone, is split into music and movies on the iPod Touch. Steve Jobs once referred to the iPod Touch as "training wheels for the iphone“.

17. Compact Disc came on sale 1982. • The first public demonstration was on the BBC TV program Tomorrow's World when The Bee Gees' album Living Eyes (1981) was played.