Tacos for Friends

Tacos for Friends

Four buddies go to lunch and spot a taco deal. They need to buy the least number of packages to ensure the fair distribution of tacos.

About Tacos for Friends

PowerPoint presentation about 'Tacos for Friends'. This presentation describes the topic on Four buddies go to lunch and spot a taco deal. They need to buy the least number of packages to ensure the fair distribution of tacos.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

Presentation Transcript

1. You and your three friends go to lunch and find a deal on packages of 6 tacos. You want to buy the minimum number of packages so you each get the came number of tacos and none are left over. How many packages must you buy?

2. Fatima is buying hot dogs for a class picnic. Hot dogs are sold in packages of 10.Hot dogs burns are sold in packages of 8. What is the smallest number of hot dogs and burns Fatima can buy to have an equal number of each?

3. Mrs. Evans has 120 crayons and 30 pieces of paper to give to her students. What is the largest # of students she can have in her class so that each student gets equal # of crayons and equal # of paper.

4. Rosa is making a game board that is 16 inches by 24 inches. She wants to use square tiles. What is the larges tile she can use?

5. Z100 gave away a Z $100 bill for every 100th caller. Every 30th caller received free concert tickets. How many callers must get through before one of them receives both a coupon and a concert ticket?

6. I am planting 50 apple trees and 30 peach trees. I want the same number and type of trees per row. What is the maximum number of trees I can plant per row?

7. Sean has 8-inch pieces of toy train track and Ruth has 18-inch pieces of train track. How many of each piece would each child need to build tracks that are equal in length?

8. Ben exercises every 12 days and Isabel every 8 days. Ben and Isabel both exercised today. How many days will it be until they exercise together again?

9. Two bikers are riding a circular path. The first rider completes a round in 12 minutes. The second rider completes a round in 18 minutes. If they both started at the same place and time and go in the same direction, after how many minutes will they meet again at the starting point?

10. You want to make two garden plots next to each other with a fence completely around each one. One plot is 180 square feet and the other is 204 square feet. If the fence comes in 1 foot lengths, what is the greatest length of the fence you can make that is shared by both garden plots? How much fencing is required?

11. Samantha has two pieces of cloth. One piece is 72 inches wide and the other piece is 90 inches wide. She wants to cut both pieces into strips of equal width that are as wide as possible. How wide should she cut the strips?

12. Thrift market sells apple juice in 8oz containers, pineapple juice in 12 oz containers and grape juice in 16 oz containers. If Mark wants to have the same amount of each juice to make some punch, what is the least amount of ounces he should buy of each flavor of fruit juice?

13. Hetty is making identical gift baskets for the senior citizens center. She has 39 small bars soap bars and 26 small bottles of lotions. What is the greatest number of baskets that she can make suing all of the soap bars and bottles of lotions?

14. Say you have 60 pencils, 90 pens and 120 tablets and you want to make packages of pencils, pens and tablets to donate to your school for students who cannot afford these supplies. What is the maximum number of packages you can make using all items, and how many pencils, pens and tablets will be in each package?

15. A florist has 36 roses, 27 tulips, and 18 carnations she must use to create bouquets. What is the largest number of bouquets she can make without having any flowers left over?

16. Two bus services A and B arrive at a station. Service A arrives at the station every 15 minutes; service B arrives at the station every 20 minutes. The first bus arrives at the station at 8 : 00am. When will both buses arrive at the station again?

17. One trip around a running track is 440 yards. One jogger can complete one lap in 8 minutes, the other can complete it in 6 minutes. How long will it take for both joggers to arrive at their starting point together if they start at the same time and maintain their jogging pace?