College Admission Test Guidance for Seniors

College Admission Test Guidance for Seniors

Get comprehensive information about SAT and ACT exams, including official test score submission and requirements for Cal States and UCs. Verify if your major demands SAT Subject Tests.

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About College Admission Test Guidance for Seniors

PowerPoint presentation about 'College Admission Test Guidance for Seniors'. This presentation describes the topic on Get comprehensive information about SAT and ACT exams, including official test score submission and requirements for Cal States and UCs. Verify if your major demands SAT Subject Tests.. The key topics included in this slideshow are seniors, college admission, SAT, ACT, test scores, Cal States, UCs, SAT Subject Tests,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Welcome Seniors!!! Judy Park & Caryn Ramirez College & Career Counselors

2. SAT and ACT For more information regarding SAT and ACT visit: SAT: ACT: Be sure to send official test scores to all colleges you are applying to. Cal States use the highest critical reading & highest math scores and combine them. UCs take the highest sitting (with Writing) SAT Subject Tests: check to see if your major requires any

3. University of California Apply at: 10 campuses across CA, but only 9 undergraduate campuses!

4. UC Campus Options Think about goals, interests, and dislikes Research majors Think about the location of the campus Consider the activities provided on campus Visit the school!!

5. UC ELIGIBILITY A-G Requirements Examination Requirements: SAT Reasoning or ACT plus Writing UC Eligibility Index At least 3.0 GPA Apply: November 1 st - 30 th ! This is a firm deadline

6. A-G Requirements A. History/Social Science 2 years required B. English 4 years required C. Mathematics 3 years required, 4 years recommended D. Laboratory Science 2 years required, 3 years recommended E. Language Other than English 2 years required, 3 years recommended F. Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) 1 year required G. College Preparatory Electives 1 year required

7. What you need for your application Application will be done online! Need: Social Security # Copy of transcript to self report classes and grades Test scores Personal Statement List of Activities (brag sheet is helpful) $70 for each school Email address you can check often *Official transcript isnt required until June. *UC schools DO NOT require letters of recommendation. *Make sure you have copies of everything you submit.

8. California State University Apply at: 23 Campuses across California!

9. Factors Used to Determine Eligibility Specific high school courses, A-G requirements Grades of C or better in specified courses and test scores Graduation from high school Eligibility Index SAT/ACT does not require writing

11. What is an Impacted Program? An impacted major or program is one where more applications are received from eligible students during the initial filing period than the campus can enroll. These high-demand majors or programs will have additional admission criteria above the minimum CSU admissions standards CSU Campus First-Time Freshmen Bakersfield Not Campus Impacted Channel Islands Not Campus Impacted Chico Freshman Dominguez Hills Not Campus Impacted East Bay Not Campus Impacted Fresno Freshman Fullerton Freshman Humboldt Freshman Long Beach Freshman Los Angeles Freshman Maritime Academy Not Campus Impacted Monterey Bay Freshman Northridge Freshman Pomona Freshman Sacramento Freshman San Bernardino Freshman San Diego Freshman San Francisco Freshman San Jos Freshman San Luis Obispo Freshman San Marcos Freshman Sonoma Freshman Stanislaus Not Campus Impacted

12. What are the application deadlines and are they the same for all schools? The deadline to submit an application to a Cal State is November 30 th . Some schools will accept applications past this date, BUT changes every year and there is NO guarantee that the school in which you are interested will be accepting late applications. The applications for all of the impacted schools are due by November 30 th , NO EXCEPTIONS!! Certain schools also require you to take the SAT/ACT by October and will not accept a November or December sitting. CSUMentor can give you information on these particular schools. This generally applies to the impacted schools.

13. Which is the BEST CSU campus for me? Here are some questions you should ask yourself: What are your academic and professional ambitions? Does the campus offer your major? Do you prefer attending a small campus versus a large one? Do you prefer a campus in a big city, or one that is in a rural community? If you enjoy an extracurricular activity or particular varsity sport or sports, does the campus offer it? The CSU Matching Assistant can help you find the campus that is right for YOU!!

14. Helpful CSU Websites can help you learn about career planning to learn more about different majors offered to view and apply for the different schools

15. Private Colleges and Universities Can Search on Naviance, and search engines on our website Many colleges use the Common Application available at Most require letters of recommendation Most require essays Most require official transcripts Remember to send test scores

16. Community Colleges in CA There are over 110 colleges to choose from Each school has different specialties to offer

17. Why Choose Community College? Excellent value in education (Quality education at low cost) Transfer to a 4 year college or University at the Junior level Learn job skills and training Pursue and explore various subjects while deciding a major or career Begin college career while remaining in your home community Low cost of tuition $46 per unit

18. Transfer Programs Community Colleges offer a full range of lower division general education courses for UC/CSU bound students Counselors are available to assist students in choosing transferable courses Many community colleges offer written transfer guarantee programs Student may enter UC/CSUs at the Junior level

19. Occupational Programs Community Colleges offer a number of quality training programs for well paying jobs Career and Technical programs provide students with entry level and upgraded skills needed Upon completion of program students earn Certificates of Achievements and courses can be applied to and A.A Degree

20. Community Colleges with Dormitories Sierra College: Rocklin, CA Feather River College: Quincy, CA Lassen College: Susanville, CA College of the Redwoods: Eureka, CA Reedley College: Reedley, CA Shasta College: Redding, CA Yuba College: Marysville, CA College of Siskiyous: Weed, CA Taft College: Taft, CA West Hills College: Coalinga, CA Columbia College: Sonora, CA

21. 4 Basic Types of Financial Aid WORK-STUDY Part-time work while attending the institution SCHOLARSHIPS Gift assistance with no obligation for work or repayment LOANS Providing funds now, but with a future repayment obligation GRANTS Federal or state gift assistance with no obligation for work or repayment

22. 4 Steps to apply for Financial Aid 1. Estimating your financial eligibility 2. Filing a FAFSA form with the federal government, Due March 2 nd 3. Get an understanding of the types of financial aid available 4. The Student Aid Report (SAR), award packages, and funds disbursement