New Student Orientation at Glendale Community College

New Student Orientation at Glendale Community College

This orientation provides an introduction to the college, access to resources and information about the institution's mission and goals.

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About New Student Orientation at Glendale Community College

PowerPoint presentation about 'New Student Orientation at Glendale Community College'. This presentation describes the topic on This orientation provides an introduction to the college, access to resources and information about the institution's mission and goals.. The key topics included in this slideshow are college preparation, higher education, employment, advancement, global society,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. The College for me! Welcome to New Student Orientation Introductions: Presenter

2. Locate Your Bookmark Todays NSO PowerPoint can be accessed on the link on your bookmark; Circle the link on your bookmark now! Be prepared to take additional notes when asked by your presenter.

3. Our Mission Glendale Community College prepares students for further higher education, employment and advancement, and successful participation in a global society.

4. College Environment GCC is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable and educationally productive environment for students, employees and visitors. Nondiscrimination Policy: GCC will not discriminate, nor tolerate discrimination, nor will it tolerate sexual harassment, as well as harassment and intimidation on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status or genetic information. (General Catalog page 6)

5. Know your Rights & Responsibilities Refer to your General Catalog & Student Handbook for more details. Drug & Alcohol-free College (pg.333) Academic misconduct (pg.339) Student Conduct Code (pg.340) Technology resources standards (pg.329) Sexual Harassment Policy (pg.322) Discrimination Complaint procedures (pg.318)

6. Breathe easy Tobacco Free ~ Smoke Free Maricopa Breathe easy is a healthy-living initiative sponsored by the Maricopa Community Colleges. Its goal is to provide information and support to Maricopa students, faculty members and staff in support of the elimination of tobacco products from all District property. Effective July 1, 2012, all District property is smoke- and tobacco-free, extending the smoke-free environment of our buildings to the boundaries of District property.

7. It pays to be successful in college!

8. Three Convenient Locations GCC 6000 W. Olive Ave. GCC North 5727 W. Happy Valley Rd. CommUniversity 15950 W. Civic Center Plaza Surprise, AZ 85374 (Bell & Litchfield Roads)

9. History of GCC Home of the Gauchos Established in 1965 2 nd largest of 10 Maricopa Community Colleges 319,000+ students have completed programs 34,000 students take classes each year

10. Diversity Over 120 international students from 50 different countries 59% of students are under 25 years old 56% of our students plan to transfer to a 4 year institution 21% work towards occupational programs

11. GCC Students Excel! High Student Satisfaction Community Partnerships National & International Recognition Famous Alumni : Alice Cooper, Phillippi Sparks, Kent Dana, Paul Lo Duca & AZ Governor Janice Brewer

12. GCC Offerings Associate Degrees link AA ABUS AS AAS AGS Transfer Pathways ASU Maricopa Partnership (MAPP) NAU Connection Occupational Certificates Personal Interest Classes GED Testing (GCC-North)

13. Student Success Partnership Student Responsibility Utilize Student Services Communicate Needs Commit to Growth GCC Responsibility Access to Programs Quality Service Professionalism Provide Learning Opportunities

14. Taking Charge of Your Success Make Connections Instructors Students Campus Resources Develop Success Skills Independent Learning Study Skills Time Management Create a Plan Career Major Educational Planning

15. Making Connections with Professors In Class Attendance matters Initiate contact with your professor Class participation Understand the Syllabus Be self-motivated Outside of Class Office Hours Email

16. Making Connections with Students Classmates Share notes Form study groups Carpool Students-at-large (NSO Leaders) Clubs / extracurricular activities LINK Club Fair dates: February 5 & 6, 2013 Calendar of Events LINK GCC Unplugged

17. GCC Unplugged Find Friends. Find Resources. Find Success! Log In | GCC Unplugged

18. ~ Ice Breaker Know Your Neighbors

19. Making Connections with Campus Services and Resources General Catalog and Student Handbook Policies, Guidelines, Program & Course Information, and much more Key Policies at: link GCC Home Page

20. Making Connections: Key Dates & Events Academic Calendar LINK Calendar of Events Final Exam Schedule Priority Registration Appointment Cards: 1/28/13 for Summer / Fall 2013 Priority (Early) Registration is 3/25 3/29 Veterans: 3/22 Honors: 3/21 Open Registration: 4/01 Write these key dates on your bookmark now!

21. Services at your fingertips Register for classes/Change schedule Obtain Transcripts View your grades Make a payment Financial Aid, and much more My.maricopa Student Center Reference Guide (download)

22. Your eGCC Account Software: Word, PowerPoint, Excel Internet Access Web Space Email GCC Online Tutorials

23. Your Email Includes Google Docs, an online suite of office productivity applications featuring word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. You can collaborate with others on the same documents in real time. Documents are saved online and have access to them at any time, no matter what computer you use. Please Note: All official college email will be sent to your student email account. Many of these emails are highly critical and may affect your enrollment and/or financial aid. You are highly urged to check your student email regularly and/or forward your student email to your personal email account.

24. Your email address is your MEID (the combination of letters and numbers you use to access the student information system) Your password is the password you use with your MEID to access your account in the Student Information System. To use the system, go to or access it at your Student Center ( If you have problems with the email system or need support, please go to support.

25. GCC Technology Resources: Online Orientation link All of your tech questions answered in one place This orientation is divided into five sections. Below, is a brief listing of each section. OVERVIEW - Navigation tips and account retrieval options. eGCC - GCC supported technology resources - open labs, wireless access and server storage space. MCCCD - District supported technology resources -, student e-mail and Blackboard. HELP - Contacts, guides, online tutorials and more. RESOURCE INDEX - A comprehensive resource guide. Resource links are categorized by provider (GCC or MCCCD) and technology.

26. Enrollment Center MAP Advisement LINK Financial Aid LINK Admissions & Records LINK Cashier LINK Payment plan link Student ID Cards LINK

27. Student Services Helping You Reach Your Goals Multicultural Affairs MAP LINK International Student Center MAP LINK Testing Services MAP LINK Disability Services MAP LINK Provides outreach and support to minority community Enrollment Assistance Hoop of Learning for Native American Students Support for international students Referral to off campus resources for international students Accommodations for students with disabilities Access to assistive technology Placement Testing Program Specific Tests (Automotive, Fire Science)

28. Veterans Center Student Services Comprehensive one-stop service to Veterans Academic support including: Advisement Class Registration Degree Planning Financial benefit requests Tuition and book deferment optionsand more. MAP LINK

29. Technology Resources Maximizing Technology in Your Education High Tech Centers LINK Activate eGCC Account Computer Access Instructional Support John F. Prince Library & Media Center MAP LINK Research Assistance Books & Media Web Resources Research Guides

30. Campus Resources Helping You Get Involved Lost & Found Escorts Emergency Situation link Suspicious Activity Public Safety MAP LINK Fitness Center MAP LINK Pool, gym & classes Exercise Plans First session free As little as $25.00 per month Student Life MAP LINK Student Government Student Clubs Scholarship Assistance Health Insurance Plans Apartment information

31. Tutoring + Enhancing Your Academic Success Center for Learning -CL Bldg Free tutoring, study skills, computer lab, & non-credit ESL classes The Math Solution MA Bldg Free, drop-in tutoring for math students Writing Center HT-2 In-person or online writing critique Departmental Tutoring Ask your instructor about department tutoring

32. Develop Success Skills Independent Learning Study Skills Time Management

33. Independent Learning The classroom outside of the classroom Requires you to be committed and responsible for your motivation, and your success

34. Effective Study Skills Read your text book Take notes / Review notes Enroll in a Success Class CPD150 Strategies for College Success AAA115 Creating College Success Study 2-3 hours per week per credit

35. Time Management Attendance is Important 12 credit + Full Time Create a Schedule 12 hours per week in class + 24-36 hours per week studying ----------------------------------------------------- = 36-48 hours per week commitment Calculate the number of hours you should plan to study and write this on your bookmark now

36. Create a Plan Clarify your Career Goals Identify a Major Educational Planning

37. The Importance of a Career Plan Students without a career plan, should meet with a career counselor before the end of their first year of college. Students with a career & educational plan are more motivated, finish sooner, spend less money on school, and enter the employment world quicker.

38. Wanted: The Perfect Career for Me Undecided Major? Undecided Career Goals? Counseling & Career Services will help you: Conduct Self-Assessment Investigate Career Options Develop a Career Plan Market Yourself Commit to Lifelong Learning

39. Counseling & Career Services MAP LINK Career Counseling Career Exploration Career Planning Mentoring Personal Counseling Internships Job Opportunities

40. Career Services link Computer Lab/Career Library Career Market Information Job Search, Interviewing, and Resume Workshops Employment Opportunities Internships (Career Work Experience) Career Expo/Job Fair On-campus Employer Recruitments Re-Entry Resources

41. Job Search Access 24/7 Maricopa Career Network Post your resume Search for jobs Apply for jobs Career Services

42. Identify a Major Its O.K. to start off undecided but dont stay undecided. Challenges: Not every career has a corresponding major Some Careers have several majors that are options Clarifying your career goals helps you choose a relevant major--- Choosing a major facilitates educational planning!

43. Educational Planning Tips for Creating an Educational Plan Identify career goal and research school options Meet with a Academic Advisor Obtain the appropriate academic check sheet Set goals, monitor progress and make changes if necessary Create a balanced plan Develop a passion for education and positive attitude Seek extra-curricular activities to support your goals

44. Academic Advisement Assistance from Advisors: Academic Planning Course Selection Degree Requirements Check Sheets Provide Signature (some courses) Seek Advisement early, follow-up during off peak hours and obtain priority registration

45. Check Sheet What Is It? A Guide Plan of action Record of progress Remember: Save your check sheet Bring it to advisement sessions Available online: link

46. Pursuing a Degree in Nursing? Current information regarding prerequisites Details of program application and requirements Opportunity to ask questions Conveniently located in Nursing Building (NU 104) Pre-Nursing Information Sessions Check Nursing website

47. Be prepared for your first day! You are not officially registered until you have paid for tuition---know the due date & refund policy LINK Visit campus before the start date; find your classes! Arrive early parking can be an issue! Know your class schedule! Check it at least the day before your first class. If a Class Canceled or Relocated sign appears on your classroom door READ itit may not be your class that was canceled or relocated.

48. Be prepared for your first day! (continued) Obtain an I.D. in the Enrollment Center Activate your eGCC account ASAP. LINK Please Note: Students are often dropped if absent on the first day. Buy Your text books early to avoid the lines and to find discounted used books. Order and buy online. Rentals available. Always save the receipt! MAP LINK Create a positive attitude about going to college!

49. Prepare for long-term success! Some of you here today have already begun benefiting from the iStartSmart Program. This program is designed to help set you up for long term success here at GCC and beyond by providing a comprehensive foundation of college success skills. You should sign up if you are a new college student

50. iStartSmart Completion of a Student Success Course is a requirement for iStartSmart However, all students interested in creating a foundation for success are encouraged to sign up for Student Success Course. CPD150 Strategies for College Success - 3 cr. CPD/AAA115 Creating College Success - 1 Cr You will learn: Effective Study Skills Note taking Personal motivation Time Management Goal setting Campus resources Much more

51. Commit today to earn more tomorrow! C4 is an organization designed to help community college students complete their associate degree. Students who complete their associate degree will: Earn as much as $8,000 more per year Encounter fewer barriers in transferring to senior colleges Get ahead of the game by sticking out to employers, scholarship officials and transfer recruiters Be prepared to transfer or start a career C4 is actively working to raise awareness of the benefits of completing your degree. For more information and resources, visit Sign your C4 contract now and commit to complete! ~ Omicron Lambda Chapter Phi Theta Kappa

52. Financial Aid Brief financial aid session to follow.

53. Are You Ready? Questions? Thank you for choosing GCC ! We are here to support your success.

54. We would like to hear from you Please turn in your evaluations NSO facilitated tours are now available.