Catechism and Evangelization in the Orthodox Church: Receiving Converts

Catechism and Evangelization in the Orthodox Church: Receiving Converts

This article explores the issues and process of welcoming converts into the Orthodox Church, emphasizing the importance of catechism and evangelization.

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1. Catechism and Evangelization An examination into the issues and process of receiving converts into the Orthodox Church.

2. What is Catechism? O Lord our God, who dwells on high and regards the humble of heart, who has sent forth as the salvation of the race of men, Thine only-begotten Son and God our Lord Jesus Christ: look down upon Thy servants the catechumens, who have bowed their necks before Thee; make them worthy in due time of the laver of regeneration, the remission of sins, and the robe of incorruption. Unite them to Thy Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and number them with Thy chosen flock. From Litany of Catechumens

3. True Catechism is Being joined to the fullness of the Church Transmits and receives the Truth of the Faith Not fleeing from but rather to Truth Accepts the Faith with humility Full of joy, hope and love

4. False Catechism Woe to you, scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves. Matthew 23:15

5. Beware of: The issue people The culture seekers The wanderers The apathetic The fly-bys The forevers

6. Some Statistics

7. Some More Statistics 172 clergy were received through baptism/chrismation 11 clergy received through vesting 10 clergy received through confession Over 1/3 of present seminarians are converts

8. How We are Receiving People

9. Before We Get Started Prayer Modest and lowly spirit Do not presume or expect extraordinary success Be calm and in full control Do not begin without previous thought Love alone creates Use the same place for instruction Be of comfort Vary instruction according to state of mind/age/faculty Start from the beginning/Salvation From St. Innocents Instructions to Missionaries

10. Steps in Catechism Guest Inquirer Catechumen Reception Integration

11. Methods of Outreach Be a part of the community Make sure people can find you Use communication tools (web/yellow pages/etc.) Families bring in families People come from the strangest places Be open when they come Programs vs. Love Gatekeepers

12. Some Useful Tools for Guests Visitor Cards Do not single out people Have material for people to take home No hard sell Greeters Coffee Hour Use what is available

13. Inquirers Simple Introduction Spend time to learn about them Stay away from issues Answer questions Get them involved Have them come to the services/events Have them start to read Start a process of prayer/fasting/almsgiving Mailing list

14. Recommended Readings Ware: The Orthodox Church Schmemann: For the Life of the World Hopko: Rainbow Series Carlton Series: The Faith (catechism), The Truth (Roman Catholicism ), The Way (Protestantism) Topical series from Conciliar Press Stay away from controversial books

15. Catechumens Officially receive them with the prayers of the Church Take your time Must come to services Integrate into the community Groups work better Be flexible with times and discussions

16. Essentials of Catechism Jesus Christ The Trinity The Church Tradition Liturgy Sacraments Need to learn: Nicene Creed, Trisagion Prayers, Pre-Communion Prayers

17. Other Essentials of Catechism Do not judge others Do not judge other faiths but compare Simple explanations Dont rush Be positive Dont talk about politics, especially Church politics Allow plenty of time for questions ALL questions are open for discussion Do not beat them up Do not overburden them Be careful on how you bring them in

18. Catechism Model #1 What is the Church The Church is One, Holy, and Apostolic The Nicene Creed Jesus Christ Tour the Church Prayer/Fasting/Almsgi ving

19. Catechism Model #2 1. Orthodox Doctrine 1.1 Dogma: The sources of Orthodox Teaching 1.1.1 Holy Scriptures 1.1.2 Holy Tradition 1.2 Creation 1.3 God 1.3.1 Father 1.3.2 Son 1.3.3 Holy Spirit 1.4 Salvation 1.5 The Church 1.5.1 Sacraments 1.5.2 Hierarchy 2. Orthodox Worship and Piety 2.1 The Cycles of Orthodox Life 2.1.1 Great Lent 2.1.2 Holy Week 2.2 Church Architecture and Symbolism 2.3 The Services of the Orthodox Church 2.3.1 Divine Liturgy 2.3.2 Vespers 2.3.3 Matins/Other 2.4 The Twelve Great Feasts 2.5 Prayer 2.6 Saints 2.7 Icons 3. History 3.1 Early Church 3.2 Era of the Ecumenical Councils 3.3 The Great Schism 3.4 Expansion to the North and East 3.5 North America 3.5.1 Alaska 3.5.2 Immigrants 3.6 World Orthodoxy Today

20. Catechism Model #3 What is the Orthodox Church? The Symbol of Faith Foundations of the Orthodox Faith The Holy Trinity Creation Fall of Mankind The Promised Messiah The Incarnation Mans Yes to God The Teachings of Christ Love Stronger than Death Birth and Mission of the Church The Structure of the Church Holy Baptism Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit The Mystical Supper The Church at Prayer The Mystery of Love Monasticism The Lords Return Living an Orthodox Life in a Secular World

21. Reception into The Church Follow the guidelines of the OCA Use the seasons and feasts of the Church Never dividealways unite Do not rush Always in connection with the Divine Liturgy

22. Preparing for Reception Baptism vs. Chrismation You will know when they are ready Delay if you must Dont use own family Picking a sponsor Dont split families Preparing for Confession Set a date with plenty of notice Fasting Name Integrate Service to parish

23. Actual Reception Announce to the parish Make it special Rally the parish Gift from the parish Icon of saint Invite family Always in conjunction with the Liturgy

24. Integration into the Parish Get them involved Ask after them Invite them to join Keep close tabs on them for one year Rein in/Rein out Confession once a month for a year Extended families will join

25. Internal Catechism Ethnic groups Older parishioners Non-practicing Orthodox Marriage to Orthodox Returning to The Faith Youth/College Students/Young Adults The Zealots Bottom Line: Know Your People

26. Ways to Reach Them Language/culture Use sermons Liturgy/Services Adult class Invite to catechism classes Visit them/listen to them Make changes slowly Follow your bishop Simplicity Dont talk about regions Dont talk about previous priest/parish Stay away from issues

27. Conclusion Goal is to build up the Body of Christ Not a numbers game Quality The end of their search Peacefulness Knowledge will come in time JOY

28. Questions