Legal Developments & Compliance Issues in Crowdfunding International Trade

Legal Developments & Compliance Issues in Crowdfunding International Trade

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP Partner Michelle Schulz discusses legal developments and compliance issues in crowdfunding for international trade during Thanksgiving.

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About Legal Developments & Compliance Issues in Crowdfunding International Trade

PowerPoint presentation about 'Legal Developments & Compliance Issues in Crowdfunding International Trade'. This presentation describes the topic on Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP Partner Michelle Schulz discusses legal developments and compliance issues in crowdfunding for international trade during Thanksgiving.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Legal Developmentsand Compliance Issues in Crowdfunding: International Trade Michelle Schulz, Partner Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP Thanksgiving Tower, Suite 3000 Dallas, Texas  75201-4757 214.999.3000     214.999.4667 fax

Slide2Agenda‒ Overview ‒ What is an Export? ‒ Due Diligence in Crowdfunding ‒ Export Red Flags

Slide3Who Regulates Trade?“D UAL  U SE ” I TEMS Bureau of Industry & Security Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 15 CFR D EFENSE  I TEMS Directorate of Defense Trade Controls International Traffic  in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 22 CFR O THER   A GENCIES OFAC, Census Bureau, EPA U.S C USTOMS   AND B ORDER  P ROTECTION “Policemen” to Enforce Regulations 19 CFR

Slide4What is an “Export?”‒ Tangible Exports ‒ Shipments through a US port via air, ocean, truck, rail, mail, etc. ‒   Intangible Exports ‒ Electronic transfers (including email, fax and Internet downloads) ‒ Technical reports, drawings, data or source code released to foreign nationals ‒ Also includes “deemed” exports

Slide5What is an “Export?” (cont’d) ‒ Re-Exports ‒ Shipments from one foreign country to another of US-origin goods or foreign made goods containing certain US-origin parts, components or materials.

Slide6Export Due Diligence‒ Crowdfunding is uniquely international ‒ Online platform ‒ Many parties ‒ Money changing hands ‒ Who are you doing business with? ‒ What are you funding?

Slide7Export Due Diligence (cont’d) ‒ U.S. Government requires that U.S. parties know their end users and end uses ‒ Sanctions and Embargoes are broad and often apply to monetary transactions ‒ Example: Bank of Russia ‒ Company could not receive payment from that bank!

Slide8Export Due Diligence (cont’d) ‒ Sanctions and Embargoes can involve political support ‒ What are you funding? Who is receiving funds? ‒ Example: support for military group or person ‒ May be prohibited under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations

Slide9Sanctions and Embargoes can involve receiving money ‒ What are you funding? Who is receiving funds? ‒ Example: support for military group or person ‒ May be prohibited under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide10Denied Party Screening ‒ Example: Large telecom company ‒ Do they know their end users? Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide11BIS Red Flags ‒ Customer or purchasing agent reluctant to offer information about end-use ‒ Product’s capabilities do not fit buyer’s line of business ‒ Customer willing to pay cash for an expensive items when terms of sale would normally call for financing ‒ Customer has little or no business background Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide12BIS Red Flags  (cont’d) ‒ Customer is unfamiliar with product’s performance characteristics but still wants product ‒ Freight forwarding firm is listed as the product’s final destination ‒ Shipping route is abnormal for the product and destination Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide13Pop Quiz!If I receive a minimal amount of funding from Kim Jong-un, I could get a monetary penalty.

Slide14Antiboycott ‒ Covered under the EAR ‒ Red Flag Countries: UAE, Iraq, Bangladesh ‒ Language appears in Letters of Credit, contracts, etc. ‒ Prohibited language may  seem harmless… Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide15What if you are not the exporter of record? ‒ You STILL have an obligation to conduct “due diligence” for products subject to export controls ‒ You and your company can be penalized for proceeding with a transaction with knowledge that a violation of the EAR is occurring or is about to occur Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide16“Knowledge” does not always mean “you knew” ‒   It also means “you should have known” ‒  Cannot “self blind” ‒  So, when should you know? Export Due Diligence  (cont’d)

Slide17Implementation‒ All departments play a role: ‒ Engineering ‒ Finance ‒ Human Resources ‒ Sales & Marketing ‒ IT ‒ Operations ‒ Supply Chain


Slide19So you’ve tackled the tariff code!‒ Key Concepts – tariff classification ‒ Duty Rates ‒ Nuts and Bolts of Tariff Classification ‒ Schedule B ‒ Binding Rulings Michelle Schulz, Partner 214-999-4181