Native Americans and their Respect for Nature

Native Americans and their Respect for Nature

Native Americans were the original inhabitants of America before the arrival of people from other countries. They had immense respect for nature and took good care of the earth. They only used natural resources that were

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About Native Americans and their Respect for Nature

PowerPoint presentation about 'Native Americans and their Respect for Nature'. This presentation describes the topic on Native Americans were the original inhabitants of America before the arrival of people from other countries. They had immense respect for nature and took good care of the earth. They only used natural resources that were. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Native AmericansNative Americans were the people who lived in America before people from other countries came here.

Slide2Native Americans respected nature.They took care of the earth and only used what they needed.

Slide3Native Americans used natural resources to meet their needs. Natural resources  are things in nature that people can use. trees water stones buffalo

Slide4Native Americans lived in culture groups .  The people in a  culture group  have the same way of life.  A  culture group  is a group of people who live in the same  region .

Slide5Each region had different physical surroundings . Others were mostly desert. Some regions had forests.

Slide6Still others had oceans nearby.

Slide7Those who lived near deserts used clay orstones to build their homes. For this reason, Native American culture groups had different homes. Those who lived on the Plains used buffalo skins to make their homes. Still others lived near forests. They built their homes of wood.

Slide8Many Native American culture groups builttheir homes in villages or cities. These are the remains of an ancient Anasazi cliff village.

Slide9Other culture groups, like the PlainsIndians, were  nomadic . They could not live in one place.  They had to move around to follow the buffalo.

Slide10The physical surroundings  of each region also affected how each culture group got its food. Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands were very lucky.  That region had forests, lakes and rivers, a nearby ocean, and good climate.  These Native Americans could farm, hunt, and fish for food.

Slide11There were no forests in the Southwestregion.  The land was rocky and uneven. There were many mesas, or large rocks with flat tops.  The Indians who lived in this region were farmers.  They planted their crops on the tops of mesas.

Slide12Native Americans in the California Inter-mountain region were known as  gatherers .

Slide13There were few natural resources  in this region.  These Native Americans gathered acorns, seeds, and fruits.  They also dug up plant roots to eat for food.

Slide14Indians from the Northwest Coast huntedsea animals in the Pacific Ocean. There were many salmon in the rivers for them to eat. They also hunted animals in nearby forests.

Slide15Buffalo were a natural resource in the Plainsregion.  The meat was used for food. The skins were used for shelters and clothing. The bones were used for tools.

Slide16The physical surroundings of the regionsaffected each culture group’s way of life in other ways, too. There was much clay in the Southwest. Native Americans that lived in this region used the clay to make beautiful pottery.

Slide17The Northwest Coast region had manyforests.  The Native Americans in this region used wood from the forests to carve tall  totem poles . The carvings on each totem pole told about a family’s history.

Slide18There were many buffalo in the Plainsregion.  Native Americans who lived in this region were hunters. The Plains Indians had special ceremonies before big hunts.  They danced to the music of drums.  They thought this would bring them good luck on the hunt.

Slide19Native Americans in the California Inter-mountain region were expert basket weavers. They made beautiful baskets out of grasses and plants.

Slide20Physical surroundings affected how theIndians traveled, too.  All Indians walked. Plains and Southwest Indians got horses from Spanish explorers. Indians in the Eastern Woodlands, Northwest Coast, and California Intermountain regions used canoes.

Slide21Native American culture groups had different ways of life due to their different physical surroundings and natural resources.           Let’s review.  We know:  Native Americans were the first Americans.  Native Americans respected nature.  Native Americans used natural resources.  Native Americans lived in different regions.  Native Americans had different homes.  Native Americans got food in different ways.