Organizing for Convention Sales - Educational Institute Chapter Review

Organizing for Convention Sales - Educational Institute Chapter Review

This review covers the competencies related to convention sales organization including factors to consider, typical sales and marketing staff positions, and roles of regional and national sales offices and independent hotel representatives.

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Organizing for Convention Sales - Educational Institute Chapter Review'. This presentation describes the topic on This review covers the competencies related to convention sales organization including factors to consider, typical sales and marketing staff positions, and roles of regional and national sales offices and independent hotel representatives.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Convention sales, sales staff positions, marketing staff positions, regional sales offices, national sales offices, hotel representatives,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. 2011, Educational Institute Chapter 3 Organizing for Convention Sales Convention Management and Service Eighth Edition (478TXT or 478CIN)

2. 2011, Educational Institute 1 Competencies for Organizing for Convention Sales 1. Identify factors to consider when organizing for convention sales. 2. Describe typical sales and marketing staff positions, and outline the roles of regional and national sales offices and independent hotel representatives. (continued)

3. 2011, Educational Institute 2 Competencies for Organizing for Convention Sales 3. Explain how to manage the efforts of the sales team in terms of establishing standard operating procedures, conducting sales meetings, assigning account responsibility, and evaluating the sales effort. 4. Explain the various records and filing systems maintained by a sales office. 5. Describe technological applications for a sales office. (continued)

4. 2011, Educational Institute 3 Organizing for Convention Sales Sales Structures Hotel chains with multiple brands are consolidating and relying more on regional and national sales offices Chains are assigning a single salesperson to represent all brands in their company to meeting planners Revenue managers and revenue departments are becoming common as hotels look to maximize revenueproperty widefrom convention groups (continued)

5. 2011, Educational Institute 4 Organizing for Convention Sales Small Properties Salesperson and general manager will solicit all market segments Large Properties Hotels tend to specialize and assign sales staff to specific meeting market segments (continued)

6. 2011, Educational Institute 5

7. 2011, Educational Institute 6 In convention-oriented hotels, the sales office works closely with three key departments : Convention services Banquets/Catering Revenue Management

8. 2011, Educational Institute 7

9. 2011, Educational Institute 8 Sales and Marketing Staff Positions within Sales Director of sales and marketingleads the sales effort by setting objectives and monitoring action plans Director of salesexecutes the marketing plan, coordinates and directs the efforts of the sales staff Convention sales managersolicits convention trade for the hotel Convention service managercoordinates and services the conventions booked by the property Tour and travel sales managerdevelops group and charter business for the hotel (continued)

10. 2011, Educational Institute 9 Sales and Marketing Staff Advertising and public relations directorcoordinates all promotional materials and public relations Sales staffprospect, set appointments, and call on prospective clients Clerical supportmaintain records, provide support, assist in follow-up Supplemental Sales Staff Regional sales officesprovides a central information point that directs meeting planners to the property that will best meet their needs Independent representativesrepresent the property as a long arm of the sales department (continued)

11. 2011, Educational Institute 10 Regional Sales Offices Solicit business for any hotel in the chain One-stop shopping (similar meetings) Computer banks on clients and chain properties Intermediary between client and property

12. 2011, Educational Institute 11 Independent Hotel Representatives Used when in-house staff cannot cover all areas Services offered vary widely Represent more than one property (but rarely similar clients) Hired on a contract basis Must work within the scope of the property's marketing plan and familiarize themselves with the property

13. 2011, Educational Institute 12 Standard Operating Procedures Describe how recurring business actions should be handled Act as a reference that helps banquet and sales staff handle functions consistently Cover such things as function book control, booking policies, organizational chart, and reservation cut-off dates

14. 2011, Educational Institute 13 Areas Covered by SOPs Function book control and procedures Guestroom control book procedures Booking policies Rate guidelines for high and low demand periods Credit/deposit/cancellation policies Policies regarding VIP and complimentary rooms Meeting room rental fees and procedures Banquet and room reservation cut-off dates Convention service standards and procedures Organization chart and job description for sales department

15. 2011, Educational Institute 14 Types of Marketing and Sales Meetings Weekly staff meetings Weekly function meetings Weekly revenue management committee meetings Annual or semiannual sales meetings for all employees

16. 2011, Educational Institute 15 Assigning Account Responsibility Methods and Fairness Accounts could be assigned by market segment or by specific accounts. The director of sales must ensure a fair distribution. Key Account Management Prioritizes accounts based on profits Helps identify the accounts with the highest profit potential

17. 2011, Educational Institute 16 Evaluating the Sales Effort The director of sales should: Evaluate each salespersons weekly activity report and his or her reader file Periodically review the organizational structure of the sales office

18. 2011, Educational Institute 17 The Importance of Relationships Meeting planners value personal relationships with hotel salespeople Choice of hotel is frequently based on relationships with convention sales personnel and with the convention service manager Technology (e-mail, voice mail, Internet, text messaging) has tended to depersonalize the sales process Salespeople should strive to develop lifelong relationships with clients Seek to own the planners business

19. 2011, Educational Institute 18 Sales Filing Systems and Forms Elements of Sales Filing Systems Master card Account file Tickler file Control Books Function book Guestroom control book Sales Forms Tentative booking sheet Definite booking form Working file Change form Cancellation form Lost business form

20. 2011, Educational Institute 19 Master Card Summarizes sales efforts Serves as prospect database Often color-coded Trailer cards hold information on divisions of large companies Details contact names, months in which group meets, size of group, where the group has met in the past, and key decision-makers

21. 2011, Educational Institute 20 Account File Serves as the basic group business record Folder that includes all correspondence and related materials Started at initial contact Also color-coded with cross-reference to master card Information in the file includes tear sheets, past convention programs, and contracts

22. 2011, Educational Institute 21 Tickler File Also known as a trace file, bring-up file, or follow-up file Helps ensure effective follow-up Filed by month/day in accordion-style files Entry in the pocket for the day or month you want to contact prospect Example: In the pocket for August 15, 2012, a note to call a local PTA leader about annual holiday banquet

23. 2011, Educational Institute 22 Control BooksFunction Book A master control of all banquet space; each page or computer screen lists the propertys meeting space and allows for recording of meeting activity by day A page for every day of the year All function rooms represented on each page Entries under function rooms include name of organization, type of function, attendees, rates, etc. Most hotels have computerized their function book One person should control and maintain the function book (manual version) Prevents double-booking

24. 2011, Educational Institute 23 Control BooksGuestrooms Control Book A master control of guestrooms available for sale to groups; each page or computer screen lists the booking activity and status of group guestroom blocks Helps monitor guestroom allotments to groups Lists rooms available to groups Format consists of a monthly report sheet with space for group's name and guestroom commitment by day Both tentative and definite bookings are noted Computerized guestrooms control books allow salesperson access either in-house or from a remote location

25. 2011, Educational Institute 24 Sales Forms Tentative booking sheet documents that the meeting planner has been given an option on the space and a hold has been placed on the room(s); used if a date has not been confirmed or if details have not been worked out Definite booking form used after business has been confirmed Working file established once a group goes definite; includes only information relevant to the event Change form documents changes in dates and/or room requirements Cancellation form confirms cancellation Lost business form details reasons for cancellation

26. 2011, Educational Institute 25 Advantages of an Automated Marketing and Sales Office Tedious tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently Instantaneous access to sales information Personalized mailings Risk of human error reduced Easier to reorganize client or guest data on the basis of zip code, desired time periods, areas of interest, etc. Faster preparation of mass mailings (continued)

27. 2011, Educational Institute 26 Enhanced communication among properties in large chains Frees salespeople from the office; laptops, e-mail, text messaging, and cellular phones allow salespeople to work on the road Facilitates yield and revenue management (continued) Advantages of an Automated Marketing and Sales Office

28. 2011, Educational Institute 27 Technical Components of the Virtual Office Laptop computer E-mail Blackberry/cellular phone

29. 2011, Educational Institute 28 Yield and Revenue Management Yield managementa technique used to maximize hotel revenue/profits by basing prices for guestrooms and banquet space on supply and demand. Revenue managementthe practice of assessing a groups overall contribution to hotel revenue/profits by measuring its impact on guestroom, meeting space, restaurant, and retain revenues, as well as its potential for future business.