Building a Caring Community of Learners: Program Goals to Foster Personal Connection and Growth

Building a Caring Community of Learners: Program Goals to Foster Personal Connection and Growth

The Child Development Project by the Developmental Studies Center aims to establish a community of learners where every member feels valued and connected to each other.

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About Building a Caring Community of Learners: Program Goals to Foster Personal Connection and Growth

PowerPoint presentation about 'Building a Caring Community of Learners: Program Goals to Foster Personal Connection and Growth'. This presentation describes the topic on The Child Development Project by the Developmental Studies Center aims to establish a community of learners where every member feels valued and connected to each other.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide2“a caring community of learners is one whose members feelvalued, personally connected to one another, and committed to everyone’s growth and development.” -  Eric Schaps, Child Development Project, Developmental Studies Center 2

Slide3Program Goals•  Engage students, families, schools and community members •  Provide opportunities for young people to learn essential life skills •  Increase protective factors and reduce risk factors •  Engage young people in the practice of good citizenship •  Strengthen young people’s commitment to family, positive peers, school and community 3

Slide4Lions Quest• Life skills program of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) •  For students from kindergarten to grade 12 • Classroom curriculum that may be integrated into existing courses or taught on its own • Connects school, home and community • A comprehensive and global program

Slide5LCIF at a Glance•  Official charitable foundation of Lions Clubs International “We Serve!” •  LCIF supports efforts of clubs worldwide in serving their local and global community through grants •  Provides grant funding for large-scale projects that clubs cannot do on their own

Slide6Four Pillars of Service1) Provides  Disaster Relief 2) Saves  Sight 3) Meets  Humanitarian Needs 4) Supports  Youth LCIF gives hope around the world through four areas of service

Slide7LCIF at a Glance•  Committed to helping children and young adults in need all over the world •  Thousands of youth reached each day through programs •  Lions Quest is the signature youth development program of LCIF

Slide8Lions Quest around the World8 • Lions Quest is currently active in over 80 countries • Translated into 36 languages • More than 500,000 educators trained • Over 12,000,000 youth served

Slide9What is Lions Quest?Lions Quest is a research-based, K-12 positive youth development program. • Responsible decision making • Goal setting and accountability • Positive relationships • Service learning • Effective communication

Slide10What is SEL?Social and emotional learning (SEL)  is the process whereby adults and young people develop the knowledge and skills related to five interrelated competencies:  Self-awareness  Self-management  Social awareness  Relationship management  Responsible decision making

Slide12SEL Promotes School and Life Success      Initial Impact 12 Effective SEL Instruction (Competence) Effective SEL Instruction (Competence) Effective Learning Environments (Conditions) Effective Learning Environments (Conditions) •  Greater attachment to school •  Less risky behavior •  More assets and positive development •  Greater attachment to school •  Less risky behavior •  More assets and positive development •  Academic success •  Healthy relationships •  Good mental and physical health •  Workforce preparedness •  Engaged citizenship •  Academic success •  Healthy relationships •  Good mental and physical health •  Workforce preparedness •  Engaged citizenship Long-term Impact Adapted from

Slide13Benefits of SEL  Students who receive instruction in evidence-based social and emotional learning outperform their peers •  They get better grades •  They graduate at higher rates •  They have more positive peer relationships •  They demonstrate caring, empathy and social engagement Collaborative for Academic, Social and emotional Learning (CASEL) 2008

Slide14Lions Quest programs received a “Select SEL” rating from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). • A growing body of research proves that addressing the social and emotional needs of youth not only prepares students to learn, but also increases their capacity to learn. • A recent meta-analysis revealed that SEL can improve academic performance by at least 11%.* *  Weissberg, R.P. (2007) Social and emotional learning for student success.    SEL instruction improves academic achievement by at least 11% 14 Benefits of SEL

Slide15 Benefits of Lions Quest 15      Benefits to Youth •  Increasing academic achievement •  Building social and emotional skills •  Developing character •  Understanding responsible decision making •  Experiencing service to others

Slide16Results with Lions Quest• 47% increase in problem solving skills • 14% increase in grade point average   • 57% decline in student absences • 20-37% decrease in bullying/mobbing • 72% decline in out of school suspensions • 100% increase in connectedness to school

Slide17Lions Quest ProgramsSkills for Growing (K-5)  Grade specific curriculum  Building community, valuing self and others, building confidence, growing up drug-free     Skills for Adolescence (6-8)  Three-year middle school program  Managing emotions, relationships, better Communication and decision-making Skills for Action (9-12)  Four-year high school program  21 st  Century workforce skills  Service-learning

Slide18Program Resources• Curriculum maps and correlation guides • Program updates available for download • Supplemental student books • Promotional banners • Q-Bears, pencils, energizer books • Electronic newsletter • Consultation services available 18

Slide19Implementation• Certified trainers conduct workshops • Teachers, social workers, and community      members are trained • Staff members receive curriculum materials • Implementation is ongoing through the year • New staff can be trained each year • Pacing guides available for customized implementation

Slide20Teacher Workshops & Resources•  Training formats include one, two and three day workshops for K-5, 6-8, 9-12, and K-8 combination •  Workshops can be sponsored by schools or Lions Clubs •  Contact LCIF for a list of local Lions Clubs   20

Slide21Benefits of Lions Quest training21 •  Skill development that builds resilience and positive relationships among students and staff, improves academic performance and connectedness to school •  Engages teachers in professional development that emphasizes practice, planning and community-building •  Involves family and community in supporting the healthy development of youth

Slide22Triangle of Success!Lions Quest Schools Students Teachers Administrators Community Government Civic Groups Organizations Family Parents Siblings Friends

Slide23Recognition & Partner Organizations• SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-based Programs & Practices (NREPP) • U.S. Department of Education, Safe & Drug-Free Schools “Promising” program • CASEL “Select SEL” program (Skills for Action) • National Youth Leadership Council “Highly-Effective” service-learning program • California Department of Education and California Healthy Kids Resource Center “science-based program” 23

Slide24Recognition & Partner Organizations• Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) • Kansas Commission for Service Learning • U.S. State Department • Tennessee Commission on National & Community Service • Support by world’s largest service organization,  Lions Clubs International 24

Slide25Are You Ready? If you believe that education is not just during the school hours…  If you believe that education must involve the entire community…  If you believe that children need new skills for a changing world… Then you are ready for Lions Quest!

Slide26Contact UsLCIF/Lions Quest Department Michelle M. Anderson, U.S. Programs (630) 468-6778 E-mail: Michael Di Maria, International Programs 630) 468-6704 E-mail: Lions Quest Program Manager Matthew Kiefer E-mail: To schedule a workshop or order materials in the United States call:  1-800-446-2700 Lions Quest Web site: