Streamline Your QuickBooks Workflow with Tools from BizPro Consulting

Streamline Your QuickBooks Workflow with Tools from BizPro Consulting

Learn about tools for QuickBooks import, export, cleanup, and merging of company files, as well as advanced reporting options. Reduce manual procedures, eliminate redundancy, and save time and money. Presented by BizPro Consulting's Pete B.

About Streamline Your QuickBooks Workflow with Tools from BizPro Consulting

PowerPoint presentation about 'Streamline Your QuickBooks Workflow with Tools from BizPro Consulting'. This presentation describes the topic on Learn about tools for QuickBooks import, export, cleanup, and merging of company files, as well as advanced reporting options. Reduce manual procedures, eliminate redundancy, and save time and money. Presented by BizPro Consulting's Pete B.. The key topics included in this slideshow are QuickBooks, tools, import, export, cleanup, merge, company files, reporting, time-saving, BizPro Consulting, Pete B,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Tools for QuickBooks Import & Export Cleanup & Merge of Company Files Advanced QuickBooks Reporting Combined Financials Xpanded Reports Rules of Engagement: short questions during presentation Tweet answers BizPro Consulting Todays Agenda

2. Reasons to use these tools: Reduce or eliminate manual procedures Eliminate redundancy Eliminate intermediate data repositories Spreadsheets Databases (i.e., Access, FileMaker, etc.) Mine existing QuickBooks databases Synchronicity between data source and QuickBooks Guarantee accuracy! Save time and money! BizPro Consulting

3. Intuit Interchange Format file (.iif) Banks now switching to Direct-Connect Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) Comma- and tab-delimited (.txt, .csv) Direct-connect (i.e., bank to QuickBooks) Web-connect (i.e., e-commerce to QB) BizPro Consulting

4. Source: Export Lists Choose List(s) to export The export is formatted as follows: Import List(s) (after modifying the above spreadsheet) BizPro Consulting

5. BizPro Consulting part # description manufacturer part # cost qty reorder point reorder qty GC002X00050 Stereo MXD55 130 3 1 3 GC002MC0100 Car Starter Battery sp30-r 39.95 0 2 6 GC002X00100 GPS/Audio Vehicle Battery DCS-33H 67.95 2 2 2 GC012MC0100 Tires - Front Front tire 120/70-12 35.46 4 6 12 GC012MC0200 Tires - Back rear tire 130/60-13 49.21 3 3 6 1) File > Utilities > Import > Excel Files 2) Point to above spreadsheet (columns in red) 3) Mapping template is to the right ------- 4) Import all five mapped items!

6. BizPro Consulting .CSV file Downloaded from (same as .IIF) Text or Tab Delimited Usually created by a web site (.txt)

7. BizPro Consulting Typical Source: Online banking or credit card interface In QuickBooks, go to Banking > Online Banking Center Once you Receive Transactions, you will bring up a matching window where you can select individual or groups of transactions, and post them to your QuickBooks register. Note that the matching process in the Online Banking Center has improved significantly in 2010, and is much more user friendly. The possibility of duplicate transactions in your bank account register has been virtually eliminated!

8. Web connect - .qbo downloaded from a web site and then manually imported into QuickBooks Direct connect transactions brought in directly for review (preferred method) web page within QuickBooks BizPro Consulting

9. Why do it? Reduce data export/import to a range of dates Intuit recommends that no company file exceed 100mb Eliminate obsolete names (customers, vendors) Clean up and restructure inventory Restructure and consolidate chart of accounts Merge multiple company files into one co. file Transfer work from remote offices to home office Receive journal entries from accountants BizPro Consulting

10. BizPro Consulting Best darn utilities around! Check out Release covers 2 versions Requires MS Access Other useful utilities 6.07 QB 2006 & 2007, Enterprise 6 & 7 7.33 QB 2007 & 2008, Enterprise 7 & 8 8.15 QB 2008 & 2009, Enterprise 8 & 9 9.09 QB 2009 & 2010, Enterprise 9 & 10

11. Transactions BizPro Consulting Lists Usually done in many small stages with backups between each stage. Many useful reports facilitate error correction.

12. BizPro Consulting One source company and one destination company

13. The dilemma: Payroll Checks cannot be transferred from one company file to another! The Check Transfer Utility allows you to transfer Payroll Checks, Payroll Liability Checks and Sales Tax Liability Checks from one QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file. Note that the checks are imported as regular checks and will not appear on payroll specific reports such as 941's and W-2's. Imported checks will contain all of the lines of data from the original checks and will affect the same accounts, jobs and classes as the original checks, but will not be Payroll checks. This program is for use by users who: a. Prepare payrolls in one QuickBooks company file but need the data added to another file for bank reconciliation or other purposes. b. Need to transfer historical data as part of the process of starting a new QuickBooks file or when converting from Enterprise to Pro or Premier. BizPro Consulting

14. BizPro Consulting The Irvin Report Combiner extracts data from 1 to 999 QuickBooks company files. It creates combining P&Ls and Balance Sheets based upon identical chart of account names. In addition, the Combiner can transfer the companies data to a new or existing QuickBooks "Consolidated" company file where the data from each company is identified by a separate class.

15. Objectives Mine the QuickBooks database Perform What-if scenarios Join data from multiple files Extract results to spreadsheets or other databases Database types The old and the new Flat files (i.e. Files with records) Hierarchical (i.e., IBMs IMS) Relational (i.e., MS Access, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2) QuickBooks has been relational since 2007 File = Table , Record = Row , Field = Column BizPro Consulting

16. ODBC is a Microsoft spec that allows users to share information in a relational database across multiple and diverse platforms. Examples: Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, QuickBooks, Crystal Reports, MS Visual Basic, DB2 for PCs The application must be ODBC-compliant QODBC is included with QuickBooks Enterprise (read-only) It is available (at a price) from This facility allows you to mine the QuickBooks database while joining multiple Tables based upon selection criteria Results of any selection may be exported to Excel or Access Interactive sync between QuickBooks and other SQL databases BizPro Consulting

17. XML Extended Markup Language Java script Building GUIs OLTP online transaction processing Shopping cart interfaces i.e. GoDaddy Custom websites Joe the builder Intuit third party solutions at Intuits SDK for developers BizPro Consulting

18. For more information, contact: Pete Bornstein (925) 964-9393 Thank you for your interest!