Tools and Fasteners: Definitions, Uses, and Examples

Tools and Fasteners: Definitions, Uses, and Examples

This presentation provides an overview of tools and fasteners, explaining their definitions, uses, and presenting various examples. A video quiz will follow the presentation.

About Tools and Fasteners: Definitions, Uses, and Examples

PowerPoint presentation about 'Tools and Fasteners: Definitions, Uses, and Examples'. This presentation describes the topic on This presentation provides an overview of tools and fasteners, explaining their definitions, uses, and presenting various examples. A video quiz will follow the presentation.. The key topics included in this slideshow are tools, fasteners, definitions, uses, examples,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Tools and Fasteners And, Their Uses

2. A video quiz will follow this Power Point Presentation

3. Tools Definition of a tool: A muscle-powered device that solves a problem by providing a mechanical advantage in order to do useful work. Examples of tools include hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, drill, saw, and wrenches.

4. Fasteners Definition of Fasteners: Devices used to join or assemble parts together. Examples of fasteners include nails, screws, nuts and bolts, hooks, and pins.

5. Hammer Hammers are used as levers. They can bang in nails with the head end or remove nails using the claw end. tml

6. Screwdrivers Basic Screwdriver. It is also called flat blade or flathead screwdriver. Phillips Head Screwdriver

7. A flathead screwdriver is meant to be used with slotted screws.

8. Phillips head screwdrivers are to be matched with Phillips head or crosshead screws.

9. Big Idea The end of the screwdriver must match up with the head of the screw in order to work!

10. When the screw matches with the surface of the wood, we say it is Flush with the board.

11. Pliers

12. Pliers are used to grip things. Use adjustable pliers to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, pinch snap-rings, and other jobs that require a good grip.

13. Drill Some drills are electric and some are hand drills. Drills bore holes into material such as wood or metal.

14. Saws Saws are used to cut materials. Saws can be electric or you can power them by hand.

15. Wrenches Adjustable wrench Combination (open and box) wrench Wrenches are used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

16. Big Idea. The wrench must fit the nut in order to turn it!

17. Measuring Tools Rulers (12 inches) measure short distances Tape measures are used to measure long distances like the length of a driveway. Yardsticks (36 inches or 3 feet) measure large things like the length of a room.

18. Fasteners- Nails Common fastener for wood A fast and strong method for joining wood. Used in building houses

19. Fasteners- Pins Pins are weak fasteners that hold light things.

20. Fasteners- Hooks Hooks are used to hold things.

21. Fastener- Screws Slotted screws and crosshead screws Put into material with a screwdriver that matches the screw head Screws pull together things to be joined Screws can be screwed into wood, metal, or plastic Stronger connection than nails

22. Fasteners- Nuts and Bolts Holes must be drilled first in each item Bolt is passed through both holes Nut is then threaded onto bolt and tightened A wrench tightens everything. Strongest connection

23. With some bolts you may need a screwdriver to tighten them. Look at the head of each bolt. Name the screwdriver used to tighten each bolt head.

24. You may need to use a wrench for the bolt and a wrench for the nut to tighten these nuts and bolts.

25. Quiz: Tools and Fasteners 1.True or False A. A pair of scissors would be considered a tool. B. Glue is a tool. C. A knife is a tool. D. A Phillips head screwdriver will work with a slotted screw. E. Saws are used to cut wood. F. You may need a screwdriver and a wrench to tighten a nut and bolt.

26. 2. Name this type of screwdriver

27. 3. Name this tool

28. 4. Why might you use a measuring tape rather than a ruler?

29. 5. Name this type of fastener

30. 6. Name the tool that the man is using.

31. 7. Name three types of fasteners.

32. 8. You are building a house in an area where there are lots of hurricanes. You can use nails or screws to build the wood sections of the outside of the house. Which is a better choice and why?

33. The End