BA Hons Tourism and Leisure Management

BA Hons Tourism and Leisure Management

Study tourism and leisure management at The University of Huddersfield with Andrew Jenkins. Gain practical skills and knowledge for a successful career in the industry.

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About BA Hons Tourism and Leisure Management

PowerPoint presentation about 'BA Hons Tourism and Leisure Management'. This presentation describes the topic on Study tourism and leisure management at The University of Huddersfield with Andrew Jenkins. Gain practical skills and knowledge for a successful career in the industry.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Tourism and Leisure Management Andrew Jenkins The University of Huddersfield

Slide2BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Why Huddersfield? • An established track record in teaching management • Rated Excellent by QAA • Rated 3 rd  in the Guardian • Strong Links with Industry • Essential Equipment Costs paid by the University • No charge for the first year field trip (students cover food costs) • No Fees for SWE • UK & International Work Experience

Slide3BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Why Study Tourism and Leisure Management? • The Tourism and Leisure industry is a global industry • It is a high growth industry and contributes 10% of UK GDP • The industry employs over 3 million people in the UK • The industry needs well-qualified graduates for supervisory and management positions

Slide4BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Aims of the Course • To prepare students for managerial careers in the tourism and leisure industry in the widest sense • To produce graduates who are familiar with functional specialisms at unit and corporate management level • To develop students’ ability to select and practice operational and managerial skills and techniques appropriate to a variety of tourism and leisure businesses

Slide5BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Aims of the Course • To develop students’ awareness and abilities to understand and use information technology for clerical, tactical and strategic purposes • To produce students who can communicate clearly and effectively using a variety of methods and develop the ability to select the most appropriate medium for communication

Slide6BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Aims of the Course • To develop students’ ability to think creatively, analytically and critically and from this develop practical solutions to a wide range of  business problems • To produce students who can work independently and in collaboration with others and for them to recognise the appropriateness of both

Slide7BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • The  Tourism Industry  is very varied • Tour operators create, arrange and operate tailor-made tours and travel programmes which they market to the customer either through travel agencies or directly via websites, TV adverts and call centres. • The four major companies are: Thomson Thomas Cook, MyTravel and First Choice.

Slide8BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • Travel agents. On the typical high street, retail travel agents provide a link between customers and tour operators. • These range from the large well-known chains, e.g. Lunn Poly, to owner- managed independent offices.

Slide9BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • Tourist boards – There are four tourist boards in the UK: – VisitBritain  (formerly the English Tourism Council and the British Tourist Authority); – VisitScotland  (formerly the Scottish Tourist Board); – Northern Ireland Tourist Board; – Wales Tourist Board

Slide10BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • There are approximately 560 tourist information centres in England, 150 in Scotland, 62 in Wales and 26 in Northern Ireland. • Their staff offer assistance with accommodation and sightseeing to visitors from home and abroad.

Slide11BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • Transport providers include airlines, shipping companies, cruise companies, railways and coach operators. • The  Leisure Industry  consists of the health and fitness, betting and gambling, and sports and recreation sectors.

Slide12BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • The recreation sector includes museums, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and the countryside • The sports sector contains football (the most popular spectator sport in the UK) and walking (the number one participant sport in the UK)

Slide13BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement The Tourism and Leisure Industry • In 2003, the estimated value of the gambling industry was £8 billion. • The industry provides 180,000 full-time jobs in the UK

Slide14BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Features of the BA Tourism and Leisure Management Programme • Good quality, well-respected programme • International Field Trip in the First year • Focus on knowledge and skills • Variety of assessment • Core and Optional modules • Supervised work experience placement

Slide15BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Course Structure • Year 1 University • Year 2 University • Year 3 Supervised Work Experience • Year 4 University

Slide16BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Supervised Work Experience • 48 week placement in the Tourism and Leisure Industry or related field • Paid Placement • Allows students exposure to the Tourism and Leisure Industry • Supervised Work Experience Tutor

Slide17BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Career Opportunities • Wide range of career opportunities • Employment opportunities may be gained within tourism and leisure management companies and service organisations • Management opportunities in : • Tourism and leisure organisations in both the public and private sector • Domestic and international opportunities

Slide18BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Student Support • Personal Tutor System • Year Tutor • Course leader • University support systems • Student services

Slide19BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Entry Criteria • Typical entry points are:- – 5 GCSE’s including a grade C or above in Maths and English – 200 points from a combination of A/As levels – AVCEDA 200 points – Equivalent qualifications to the above

Slide20BA (Hons) Tourism & LeisureManagement Other Courses • We have a range of other courses, including: • Hospitality Management • Events Management • Air Transport • Transport and Logistics • For more information visit our website: • nagement.html